Cross-country moving trends in 2022

Cross-country moving has always been an interesting topic for movers. How do the current global trends affect moving across the country? There are certainly more ways than one. There are many ongoing obstacles in the world, such as health concerns over the pandemic, cargo shipping issues, and political upheaval. However, there are also more positive trends, including better housing options in some areas, migrations happening in the suburbs, and a persistent flow of people to the United States. If you would like to move to Florida, always opt for the best Florida movers you can find. We can help you with cross-country, interstate, residential, commercial, and many more types of relocations. Having professional help with long-distance moving can make your moving experience swift and easy. Let’s take a look at the current cross-country moving trends in 2022.

a man from a moving company taking notes on boxes while a woman is counting them
Relocating across the country can be stress-free with the right moving team.

What are the top interstate relocation trends in 2022?

Cross-country moving doesn’t have to be difficult. Choosing reputable and trustworthy interstate movers Florida can make all the difference. Even though moving far away may seem like a long, arduous process, a great moving team can make you feel like there isn’t anything to worry about. This is why choosing a moving company with a lot of experience makes a difference. There are global and also more specific trends in moving. Both need to be investigated to find out more about cross-country relocation trends in 2022.

Global trends in moving

The past couple of years has been different from what we are used to in more ways than one. First of all, there have been many obstacles to moving. The COVID-19 pandemic has set the world on high alert. That meant frequent changes in border controls, health regulations, and traffic delays. There were also some fluctuations in prices of moving and shipping. Sometimes this meant higher moving prices, other times it meant discounts on moving deals. Since there were differences in pricing depending on the state, country, and even the moving companies themselves, there couldn’t be a steady trend pinpointed.

Most certainly, the moving industry has seen changes and fluctuations. If you would like to find out more about affordable and quality storage units Florida, Cross Country Moving Group offers many storage options. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions concerning storage or any other service we offer.

a grandmother and a granddaughter looking at a cellphone
Moving to be close to your family or for retirement purposes are popular cross-country moving trends in 2022.

What about cross-country moving to the US?

Since the United States has seen a big influx of migrations during the past couple of years, it can be predicted that these trends will continue in 2022. Large cities such as New York, Florida, Miami, California, etc. have always been popular moving destinations. People from across the world are making plans to relocate to the States, and this is going to continue. But what are the main driving forces behind those decisions? The most popular reasons for cross-country moving to the United States are:

  • moving because of a job offer/change – most people move because of better job offers, in hopes of building a better future. Other times they have the same job but their company transfers them.
  • Retirement – some countries and states offer amazing retirement options, while other times people move to be with their elder parents or relatives.
  • Being closer to a family – sometimes people choose to be near family and friends alike.
  • Better living conditions – a better neighborhood, lower housing, better long-term living prospects and many more make for popular cross-country moving reasons.
  • In search for personal change – looking for a more meaningful existence is one of the most popular reasons for relocating.

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Can we expect some interesting cross-country moving trends in 2022?

When it comes to relocating, most people would say that it is a decision made after a lot of thinking. However, sometimes people decide to move on short notice. This is perhaps something that we could hope to see more of in 2022. Since the political situation began to change, many people began looking for fast-moving solutions. Sometimes this was out of necessity, other times it was because of wanting to have a safe living option. If the pandemic has given rise to people moving because of health and different policies, the current political situation may lead us to more impulsive relocating.

This can depend on many factors, but right now it is hard to tell what that moving trend would look like. Relocating because of political upheaval is unpredictable and may or may not happen. However, it could be one of the upcoming interstate moving trends in 2022, especially if a certain country proves itself to offer more safety.

a family preparing to move is one of cross-country moving trends in 2022
Families looking for healthy and safe living options are always a moving trend.

What are the most popular states?

As always, some states are more popular choices than others, depending on many factors. According to research, it can be expected that the following states in the US will often be chosen for cross-country moving in 2022: Florida, North Dakota, Colorado, Arizona, and South Carolina. This can be predicted due to following the current moving trends as well as those in the past year. The job market is often a good predictor, and so are housing and rent prices. During the pandemic years, the proximity to nature was one of the most sought factors. Moving because of health was very popular during that time. That trend is expected to continue throughout 2022. This is why states such as Florida have seen such a high rise in population – a mix of affordability, diversity, and healthy living make for a perfect combination.

There will be many more cross-country moving trends in 2022

Hopefully, we will see some unexpected cross-country moving trends in 2022. Perhaps some unexpected states will become more popular moving destinations.  Some states are widely known as best states to live in, but others may emerge as a surprise. Maybe there will be new job options that will bring millions to different parts of the world. But, one thing is for sure: big cities will remain densely populated and there will certainly be cross-country moving to those areas.