Cross country moving guide for pet owners

Deciding to move with your pets is both wonderful and scary. If the word “scary” resonated more with you, don’t worry – we reassure you that you can handle this. The process of cross country moving with pets can be easy if you follow some basic guidelines. One of the first steps will surely be finding reputable cross country movers. Cross Country Moving Group has options for long-distance and interstate moving as well as storage services. Take a look at our cross country moving guide for pet owners.

Moving with pets can be made easy following our cross country moving guide for pet owners

If you are planning to move cross country, make sure to find a moving company that has experience in the area you are relocating to. Cross Country Moving Group can help with moving to Florida and many other states. Moving across the state can be stress-free with help from professional movers. If you are not sure how to begin your preparations for moving with pets, here are some suggestions. Starting with finding a moving company, you can move on to your pet’s health and transportation possibilities. We hope you will find this cross country moving guide for pet owners to be simple and yet effective.

a dog waiting on a porch with boxes
Moving with your pets can be made easy following some basic guidelines

1. Consider your pet’s general wellbeing

If you are planning to travel with your beloved pets, check on how their health is and plan a visit to the vet as soon as you can. This has some unexpected advantages since you can use the opportunity to have an open conversation with your veterinarian. You can ask any question you would like considering your pet and his trip. For instance, you might ask for tips on how to calm down a nervous dog or cat, or how to comfort them after you get there. It is a good idea to ask for additional medical suggestions if necessary.

2. Think about different ways of traveling

If you have already traveled with your pet, you have the advantage of knowing how he behaves and what he prefers. If not, perhaps it would be wise to think about different possibilities. There are various types of transportation, such as by car, train or airplane. Every type of transportation calls for a different approach. Your pet most likely prefers to stay close to you under all circumstances, so if you do have the opportunity, travel alongside him. If not, think about how your pet carrier will look like, and what can calm your pet down while you are apart. Perhaps a favorite toy could do the trick? Also, this might be a good time to think about storage options, such as available storage Florida.

a cat in a suitcase, ideal for cross country moving guide for pet owners
Thinking about traveling conditions is an important part of cross country moving guide for pet owners

3. Get to know the other state rules

This is one of the most important steps of cross country moving with your pets. Make sure to know the state rules for pet keeping in the place you are moving to. Contact them in person if possible, or check online websites. Getting informed on this topic early will keep your trip stress-free. Sometimes the rules can be very strict and even surprising, depending on the state you’re headed to. Also, a pet passport is often needed. Don’t forget about these and other necessary information, and keep them written somewhere visible. While you are already doing research, check out cross country movers Miami for additional resources.

4. All good moving tips begin with a well-rounded plan

As with any other relocation, planning makes you avoid any possible pitfalls. Cross country moving with your pets calls for more organization than some other type of relocating. Not only are you moving country, but so are you taking care of your pets along the way. Even so, the relocation can go smoothly. These are the basics of cross country moving guide for pet owners:

  • Make a solid plan – one that includes what you need to pack and when and how to do it
  • Start as early as possible – this will help minimize the stress
  • Stay well informed – check and write down everything there is to know, especially formal papers
  • Let go of perfectionism – don’t push yourself to do everything in a short time frame, and take it slowly
  • Keep it simple – Keep your pet’s schedule as simple as possible during the months of the moving process.

5. Get to know other personal experiences

Do you know somebody who moved cross country recently? Or someone who moved with their pets to another location? They might be up to date when it comes to how to travel with pets. Simply talking to someone who has been through the same experience can make you feel better since you can see it is doable. You could probably even find these online, as today many experiences are shared in that way.

a woman holding a puppy in front of a sunshine window, happy after following cross country moving guide for pet owners
If you are calm and happy, so will be your pets – don’t underestimate the power of your attitude

6. Prepare your pet

With some types of pets, this isn’t possible, while with others you can be creative. If you have a dog or a cat, you can think of ways to make the new living space seem familiar. Bring their belongings (drinking or eating bowl, toys, favorite blanket, etc. ) and set them up as soon as you arrive. Make sure to take it easy and not to bring too many activities at once – the moving process is already a lot for your pets. This goes for before and after the move as well. The basic activities, such as taking a walk, feeding, and having fun together, seem like enough for the first couple of days (or more if needed). Pets like to get to know new places and explore them, and with some time, they are sure to find a new favorite spot, or you can set it up yourself.

Also, it all depends on what kind of pet you have – different breeds of dogs react in different ways to stress. Some are more prone to anxiety than others. This can all be checked easily so that you could prepare both yourself and your pet for your long-distance journey.

We encourage you to explore more with our cross country guide for pet owners

Our most sincere hopes are that you find our cross country guide for pet owners helpful. We would also like to encourage you to remember this: no one knows your pet better than you do. Your intuition can sometimes be the best guidance possible. If you have some ideas of your own on how to make your pets take the move easily, go for it. If you need to consult a vet again after you have arrived, that’s a good idea as well. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself during the process, just make sure to organize so you can make it happen the best way possible.

For example, take a look at the official state embassy websites as they can provide additional resources. Remember – your pets will be happy if you are happy and energized and can provide them with a feeling of security. Maybe you can take some photos of the journey as well. Even if it seems like a stressful time right now, in time it might become a cherished memory.