Corporate packing tips

Corporate packing, organizing the movers, relocating, unpacking, setting up… All of this and more goes into a commercial move. That’s why people say that corporate moving is a complex task. Given its scale and time crunch, one might argue that commercial moves are even harder than simple residential moves.

Corporate packing involves a lot of planning.
If you fail to plan is planning to fail!

However, the key to every successful move lies in solid groundwork. And what better foundation than to pack all of your items properly so when moving day comes, all that is left to do is to transport those items. With that being said, we present to you our favorite corporate packing tips.

Start your corporate packing on time

Most business owners when deciding to move underestimate the amount of time they will need to pack their items. They probably think that packing can’t be hard and that time-consuming. Well, we are here to tell you that they are wrong. Packing is much more time consuming than people set it out to be. The reason for that is because packing in-and-of-itself hides several layers that need peeling. For example, when you start packing, you might start out thinking that you are going to pack everything. However, you soon realize that you don’t actually need to pack that many items and that it might be a smart idea to declutter. Then the packing phase turns out to be a decluttering phase.

Make sure you put all your time-sensitive things in your calendar

Obtain high-quality packing supplies

Obtaining high-quality supplies should be one of the top things on your list. The reason being, is that you want your items secured during transport. And if you use some cheap, old, low build quality box or container to move your items, there is no guarantee they won’t break. Causing unnecessary damage to your belongings. That’s why investing in bubble wrap, high quality moving boxes and blankets is the priority. Not to mention how important packing supplies are when you decide to pack fragile items when moving.


So we have mentioned previously that packing naturally entails decluttering. The reason being, is that when you start packing you notice that you don’t need to pack all of the items that you own. Some items you have never even used, nor plan on using. That’s why donating, throwing away or recycling these items is a smart idea. Since the more items you move, the more it will cost. We recommend you read up on an article we wrote called declutter and organize your home for seniors for methods that can also be applied to office moving.

When corporate packing, don’t forget to label

Half of the battle with packing is won with a good labeling system. The reason we call it a system is because we don’t recommend you simply label the boxes. Rather what we suggest you do is create a sort of a list. In this list you can write the label and the contents of that box. For example, you have a box labeled supplies. On your list, you write “supplies”, contents: 2x scissors, 1 sharpie, 3x tapes, etc. This way you know exactly what is in what box. So when you need to unpack, you don’t need to spend the whole day looking for the items that you need, a simple look through the list will be enough.

Make sure your computers are safe and sound

One of the most valuable pieces of equipment an office can have are the computers. And we are not just talking about the hardware, but the data located therein. So you must ensure proper safeguards are in place so these items are protected at all times. Firstly, you want to make sure all your data has been backed up. Thankfully, there are a lot of options for making backups from cloud storage to USB, DVDs and regular CDs. Secondly, make sure you have packed your PC’s correctly so they do not get damaged during relocation. That’s where moving blankets come into play. In that regard, make sure all of the cables for your IT’s are properly organized. We recommend you place them in ziplock bags or some sort of containers. And make sure you label everything as mentioned above.

Computer Cabels
Make sure all of your cables are labeled and properly packed!

When corporate packing don’t forget to disassemble furniture

Make sure to disassemble furniture when moving. You want to make sure to disassemble the seatings of chairs which are really awkward to move. Any drawers and cabinets should be packed desperately. Any desks disassembled. You get the drill. The idea is to dismantle everything bulky into smaller, more manageable pieces and transport it that way. However, we do recognize that some items cannot be disassembled. You should pack those items separately and labeled properly.

The most common types of office furniture include seating, storage and work surfaces. Here are a few quick tips to keep big-ticket items in each of these categories secure during a move.

In conclusion

Corporate packing is a very complex event. It requires time, dedication and efficacy. So, in summary, we recommend that you start planning right away. Make the necessary steps, such as obtaining high-quality supplies, decluttering and labeling to get ahead. So when moving day comes you don’t have to stress about major things you have not done. Generally, a good piece of advice we can give out as the last sign of is to outsource your packing as much as possible. Ask your employees to pack their belongings and help you with the disassembly. They will probably be really eager to help.

The next step is the actual move. However, we understand that you might want to shy away from hiring movers for this. However, when talking about office moves, hiring a moving company is an absolute must. Because of the intricacies and complexities of the move. So who better to delegate this task than a moving broker? We will find the movers you need and want, for the cheapest price!