Common car shipping challenges no one tells you about

The whole relocation process can be very stressful. Especially if you are moving to Florida and your car as well. Common car shipping challenges await you, in order to transport your precious one as well as your belongings. You have to do good research in order to find the right company for the job. It is time-consuming, but in order to make the right decision, you will have to do it properly in order to hire trustworthy movers, who will do the job and transport your car without any damage. As with every relocation, there are many factors that you have to take into consideration. There are some common problems that may come to you with the transportation of your car. And that is why you have to be prepared, in order to act before the problem even starts.

The most common car shipping challenges

When it comes to the relocation of your car, there are a few challenges that you are surely going to face. But with the Cross Country Moving Group you won’t have problems at all. Because they will make sure that your car is transported without any damage. 

Damaged car.
Make sure to check your car before the mover arrives.

Here are the common challenges that you will potentially come across:

  • Incorrect quote – This often happens, due to a misunderstanding about your location and the estimated location. In order to avoid this, you should speak with your movers and make sure to reiterate the zip codes of your pick-up and delivery locations. So you can get the right quote.
  • One of the most common shipping challenges is the late delivery – The movers make arrangements with you regarding the delivery date, which is totally fine. But there are many factors that can cause a late delivery. Such as unexpected traffic jams, extreme weather, mechanical problems, accidents. You just have to be aware of those things which can always happen. Most of the companies will offer a fair discount in case your car gets shipped past the delivery date.
  • Your car might get damaged – This can unfortunately also occur during transportation. When your car arrives, be sure to inspect it thoroughly. Look for any scratches, dents, cracked glass, or any other damage. If you find anything make sure to call the company and file a complaint.

Those are the common things that may happen during transportation. Make sure to check the auto transport Florida residence recommends. They will make sure your vehicle will arrive on time and without any damage.

Not preparing the vehicle for the transportation

This is what you have to do from your side, to properly prepare the car for the transportation. First, you should completely clean your car. This will make it easier to spot dents, scratches that may occur during transportation. Make sure to take pictures of your car before the movers arrive. Try to get it from every angle, and date the pictures just in case something happens on the road.

Man writing in his notebook.
A checklist will help you stay organized.

In case your car has some cosmetic damage, make sure to make a checklist, and also pictures with the dates. You want to remove all personal belongings from your car, just leave the standard car equipment. Check the car battery if it’s fully charged and safely mounted into the bracket. Your tires should also be inflated to the car manufacturer’s recommendations. The company is charging you for the car’s weight, that is why you should make sure that you don’t have more than ¼ of gas left. Disable your car alarm and fold your side mirrors. Preparing your car for the ride is also important, and you want to do your best to do so. Make a checklist in order to keep track and follow it through.

Get the right movers for your car shipping

Finding a trustworthy moving company can be a challenge. That is why you should take time for it and make detailed research.  No matter if you’re looking for long-distance or interstate movers Florida, you should find a company that suits your needs and budget.

There are certain things that you should pay attention to when looking for the right movers. When researching, make sure to check more companies. That way, you will be able to check the prices and services that they offer. Which can also help you with your decision. Look for relevant information on the company’s website. Check as well the license number of the potential movers, just be sure on your end, because you never know. There are a lot of fraudulent movers who are taking advantage. They are using a license number of existing moving companies. So always double-check.

Moving trucks.
Getting the right movers will help you with the relocation of your car.

The most important thing regarding a moving company is that they offer insurance. This is really crucial, especially when it comes to your car. If a company does not offer it, just avoid it. You want to get the best protection for your vehicle in case something happens. After you made your decision, it is time to prepare your belongings for the trip as well as your car. Make sure to be thorough and detailed so you can have an easier and successful relocation.

Conclusion about common car shipping challenges

You have to do good research and preparation, which is the key. First, you will have to find the right company in order to transport your car. And then you have to prepare it for the transportation. Take your time with both things, and be detailed and thorough. That is the only way to have success not only for relocation but also for other things in life.

By following our guide, you will overcome the common car shipping challenges. Keep your focus and try to maintain calm during this period. After your car arrives, make sure to check it for any dents and scratches. After that is done, you can then finally relax and load the car with your personal belongings and take it for a spin.