Challenges of moving a piano from one state to another

Having piano is great. The piano makes every room feel classier and more elegant. Also, pianos are pretty expensive, so you can’t leave them behind when you are moving. However, moving items big as a piano is not easy nor simple, especially if you are moving from one state to another. However, your piano is too precious to leave behind. For this reason, you should know the best way for moving a piano from one state to another. The best way would be to hire piano movers Florida. You can’t find a better option than hiring movers who have experience in this type of move. However, hiring movers for your relocation will cost you a lot. For this reason, here are a few tips for moving your piano.  

Why is moving a piano from one state to another hard?  

A piano is considered to be one of the hardest items to move. The reason behind why the piano has this unflattering title is because of its size and heaviness. Even the smallest pianos weigh around 300-400 pounds. The largest ones can weigh even up to 1000 pounds. If that wasn’t enough, the piano also has numerous moving mechanical parts that can be easily damaged if not prepared properly. For this reason, you should first consider searching for moving companies Florida 

piano in front of a picture
See how you should move your piano

The biggest problem of moving a piano is transporting, loading, and securing it in a moving truck. Interstate movers Florida have all needed moving supplies such as dolly, straps, covers, manpower, and experience to do all these steps properly. However, you can also choose the following.

  • Move piano yourself  
  • Peer-to-peer shipping  
  • Consolidated freight shipping  

How much it costs to move a piano from one state to another?  

All pianos look the same for the ordinary person. However, that’s not even close to true. Piano comes in different sizes, types, models, and weights. This is all-important when you are preparing your piano for a move or storage units in Florida. Also, professional movers can give you an estimate based on these facts. For this reason, the price of moving a piano will depend mostly on the size, heaviness, model of piano, and distance of the move.  

Before you start packing your piano, you should measure it first. How to measure a piano depends on if you own upright piano or grand piano. Also, you should clear the exit path in your home to the moving truck and check if your piano can fit through the doors.  

moving a piano from one state to another and protecting keys
Make sure to properly measure your piano

How to pack your piano for the move?  

The piano has more than 1000 moving parts which most of them being delicate and easy to damage. For this reason, when you are moving a piano from one state to another, the biggest goal is to secure every part of a piano so that it won’t get damaged during transportation. For this reason, you should first close the lid then wrap the piano with blankets or paddings completely. After this, you can transport your piano to a moving truck with a dolly.