Car shipping preparation guidelines

So you have finally decided to throw the dice and relocate? We commend your efforts. However, there is plenty to do when moving, car shipping preparation being one of them. We understand that it can be hard to keep track of all the events and tasks that need to be done during this stressful period. Since moving encompasses a lot of procedures before, during and after the move. Making sure your car is prepared for shipping is just another step on that ladder.

Car shipping preparation, a visit to the mechanic
Car preparation is important if you want to save yourself from unnecessary stress.

It’s a menial task for sure, but a very important one. A wise man once said something along the lines of failing to prepare is preparing to fail. And with that in mind, we would strongly advise you to make sure that everything we mention below is in order if you want to have a smooth auto transport FL.

Car shipping preparation guidelines

We know that you know that it is generally advisable to prepare your car when shipping it to a different location. However, not many people know the actual logic behind these steps. The real reason you are “preparing” your car is that, on the one hand, you want to limit the amount of damage your car suffers during the actual move. And on the other, you want to prevent your car from harming the vehicle and items of others. The trip on an auto transportation truck can have a really hard effect on your car, so you want to make sure that you do everything in your power that no harm comes to your car. So without further delay, we present to you car shipping preparation guidelines.

Inspect your car for damages.

Normally before handing your car to interstate movers you want to make sure you inspect your car for any scratches, nicks, and dents. However, in order to do that your car has to be clean. In other words, the best way you can spot imperfections in (and on) your car is by simply washing it. This will remove all the dust other miscellaneous particles that have gathered over time on your car. When complete, you will get a more clear-cut view of the state of your car. This is good, it is what you want. Take note of any and all blemishes that you find.

Magnifying glass
By inspection, you are removing the possibility of any flaws popping up after transportation is over, or at least, on your part.


Prepare your car for shipping

So after you have made the necessary measures of inspection, now it is time to prepare your car for the shipment. There are a couple of things you want to make sure you do before you continue any further. These steps mentioned below, are not obligatory. However, they are considered to be good moving tips when in the business of car shipping preparation.

Get rid of unnecessary items

This tip is two-fold. Firstly, it encompasses making sure your interior is clean. By this we mean you should remove any items such as air fresheners, USB’s and the like. You do not want these items to jiggle unnecessarily during the move. Anything that is not screwed in bolted or in any other manner secured has to go. This way you will prevent redundant bobbing of your items during transportation. Which in turn, can cause damage to your interior during the move. Not to mention your items. Secondly, the same can be said for the exterior of the car. You want to make sure to remove anything that causes your car to either use up a lot of space, or makes it awkward to transport around other vehicles. Most commonly these are some custom accessories you have added to your car during the years, such as spoilers.

Make a trip to the gas station, or don’t

We understand people’s natural tendency to gas up their car after they have just cleaned it. This way you feel like you have just given your car a hip new facelift. However, we don’t recommend you do this. The reason behind it is a little bit more devious then you think. The more gas a car has, the heavier it becomes. The heavier it gets, the harder it is to transport. However, you will still need some gas to drive around. So what we recommend is that you have your tank at least half empty. This way you can drive your car when it gets shipped to you.

Lastly, make sure to disable the alarm system since it can be a nightmare for the driver who is transporting your car if it accidentally goes off. Just make sure you lock your car before you hand it over to the auto transporter, to ensure nobody uncalled for can get into your car without your authorization.

Sign the bill of lading

The last step in the process of car shipping preparation is to decant this process in a legal text. People call this signing the bill of lading. Your mover issues this document way of proving that he received your car. For example, if you want to ship your car from Florida to California, you want to make sure to sign the bill of lading with your mover. This way you have the proof that so-and-so accepted the obligation of transporting your car in the state that he found it in. Also, he obliged that he will return the car in that state or else he will compensate you for any damages that occurred.

Bill of lading
Make sure you sign the bill of lading! If you don’t it is considered to be void, and a new one must be obtained through the Court.

Check for damages.

Which brings us to the second point, make sure that your car is in the same shape as it was when you first inspected it. If you find any damages you can get compensated. However, most likely it will not come to that since the people who handle your vehicles are professionals who have been doing this job for generations.

In conclusion

While tedious, the task of preparing your car for shipment is a very important one. If done right you can secure your vehicle from unnecessary damage and stress on your part. Hopefully, by following the steps we have outlined above it won’t come to that. However, if you really want to make sure your move will be a smooth experience, you should consider hiring us. We are a moving broker company that can find you the most reliable movers for the cheapest of price. This way you are placing all of the decision-making-process with us. So don’t worry, with the years of our experience we guarantee that we won’t let you down.