Can you move a leased car out of state?

When relocation takes place, our main goal should be to move inventory safely and quickly. But some items are trickier than others and require more time to prepare for this event. One of them is definitely your car. Although it is super useful in daily life, it can be pretty complicated to organize a relocation for it if you don’t know where to start. The problem can become even bigger if your vehicle is under a lease. So, the real question is, can you move a leased car out of state? Most of the time, yes, but things are a little bit more complicated than that! Here is everything you need to know!

How to relocate a leased car  across state lines

Preparations for this process start long before you actually decide to move. The main reason for it is time you will need to gather all information. some of the best cross country movers often advise that you prepare most of the things that are not included in your relocation offer. If your car falls under that, the best thing you can do is schedule a meeting with the car company. Most of them offer policies to their customers that include the option of moving the vehicle but it is better you double-check it.

woman waiting to move leased car out of state
The car company will inform you can you move a leased car out of state

Time plays a huge role in your relocation and wasting it shouldn’t be an option. Especially if you are moving from California to Florida, where some roads can be busy most of the time. As soon as the company confirms your car can be moved to another state, you will have plenty of time to organize the rest of your relocation. 

Preparing your car for relocation

Just like the rest of them, the state of Florida issues a certain number of documents for those who are moving their vehicles. This means that even though your car is under lease you will have to get documents for it. Make sure it is registered in the new state and properly titled. 

When it comes to other preparations, avoid packing moving boxes and other items in your vehicle. This will affect the total weight and with that the final price of transportation. Instead, choose moving services Florida carefully and let the movers help you with your inventory. 

Don’t move a leased car out of state if you don’t have to

Of course, before you decide to do it, think about how necessary that is. If your lease contract is about to expire, consider getting a new one after your relocation. If you still decide to move a leased car out of state, auto transport Florida is probably the safest option. After your relocation is over and you settle in, you can even start thinking about getting your own car.

man driving down the road
Your car should be empty and ready for transportation before movers arrive

The bottom line about moving a leased car across state lines

Making a final decision is up to you, but try to do what’s best for you. Don’t force things and ask interstate mover Florida for advice. Professionals can help you move a leased car out of state quickly and without any risk involved.