Best spots for family relocation in Florida

Moving with your family is a process that should be carefully considered. It takes both time and relying on quality estimates to make the best decision possible. In case you are planning a family relocation in Florida, you might be wondering about the best locations in the State. Cross Country Moving Group offers help with moving, whether it be local, cross-country, interstate movers Florida and many more. Our movers can help with any type of relocation challenge and make your moving experience swift and easy.

a couple packing books and preparing for a family relocation in Florida
Making a moving plan and contacting a reliable moving and packing company can make all the difference in your relocation.

Planning a family relocation in Florida is a wonderful opportunity

Almost any reason to move to Florida State is a cause for celebration. Even the more troublesome causes for moving turn out to be great chances for a lifestyle change. Living in Florida offers plenty of sunshine, variety, diversity, amazing times with friends or family, and great food. There are many amazing beaches to choose from, and the weather is so nice that you won’t want to leave once you get there! In case you are moving from California to Florida, you can count on our movers, as they have plenty of experience with this type of relocation. A family move in Florida State can be the beginning of a completely new lifestyle that your family will be thankful for.

Moving to Florida – what to consider first

In case you are planning to move with your family, it is best to think about safety and your family’s interests first. In the case of safety, you might want to think about choosing those locations that have lower crime rates. You might also consider applying for storage units Florida, as this can help you keep your items safe and sound. You may even keep them for longer periods in case you don’t have enough space at your home. Many storage units are heat-regulated and have other special conditions if needed.

When it comes to your family and their best interests, it is important to talk it out with them. It is always a good idea to have a family conversation. This uncovers many things, such as different desires, plans, and even fears. It is always good to talk things out with your close ones. Don’t be afraid to go through any personal dilemmas. Doing this before moving can make your moving plans much easier and more enjoyable for everyone included.

a father and his daughter at a beach on a family relocation to Florida
Moving to Florida always includes the option of being near a beach.

What are the best places for a family move in Florida?

Some cities in Florida are more family-oriented than others. For example, even though Miami is one of the most popular cities in the State, it might not be the ideal choice for a family move. This is because of higher prices and an overall upscale, adventurous lifestyle that is common in the area. However, some families would prefer to live in Miami and like what the city has to offer. In that case, it is best to look for cross country movers Miami that have a lot of experience and expertise. If, on the other hand, you would like to live in a city that is oriented towards a family lifestyle, there are many other options that you can choose from. A city that is a good location for a family is expected to have some of these qualities:

  • Low crime rates
  • Housing affordability
  • Good education prospects
  • Many parks and green areas
  • An expanding job market

It is, of course, ideal if the location has all of these qualities, but having at least some of them can make for an amazing living experience. If you are planning a family relocation in Florida, here are some of the best locations for your needs.

Beach Park

Beach Park offers a lovely, warm suburban feel to it, but that is just one of its many qualities. Excellent public schools are one of the main reasons families love to move here. You can see a high number of highly educated residents. This means that you can safely watch your kids grow up here. Expect lovely neighborhoods with low crime rates and an overall beautiful living atmosphere. Beach Park truly is one of Florida’s best places for a family relocation.

a couple of students sitting on a grass field in front of a college building
Great schooling options are a frequent reason for a family move in Florida.

Harbour Island

The main difference between Beach Park and Harbour Island is that the latter has a more urban feel to it. This, however, is not a reason to consider it a worse option. On the contrary, it is often said to be the best place to raise a family in the entire State of Florida. Most people here own their homes, but renting is also very popular. Safety and schooling are highly rated, and so is the vibrant atmosphere. If you have younger or teenage children, they will be thankful for moving to Harbour Island. There are always new things to try out and places to visit with the entire family.

Hyde Park – Spanishtown Creek

Here you will find great renting options and an urban lifestyle, meaning that you can get the best of both worlds. Even though the renting and housing prices are a bit above the national average, the living conditions make up for it greatly. Still, make sure that you calculate your expenses well before you call Cross Country Moving Group to help you. The median household income is much higher than the national average. The schooling system is well developed and you can always visit the nearby Downtown Tampa area. The vivid history of the location adds a spark to it and makes for an unforgettable experience.

You can always expect more if you are planning a family relocation in Florida

Florida State is one of those places where you can always expect more than you counted on. For instance, you can visit Florida beaches at any given time. A weekend getaway is an ideal family activity, and there are many places to visit as well. And don’t forget about the various amusement parks in Florida! Your kids will love this possibility, we can guarantee it. So, if you are about to have a family relocation to Florida, consider yourself lucky. Not only are you going to have many amazing places to choose from, but the entire sunny State will be in the palm of your hand.