Best places to live in the Miami Area

If you are on a job hunt in this beautiful place, you are in luck. To find the best places to live in the Miami area is not hard because they are all beautiful. Full of attractions and job opportunities alike, this area can quickly become your dream home. If diversity is your thing and you are all about multiculturality, you will have a blast.

The oldest neighborhood in Miami Area- Coconut Grove

If you are about to raise a family, or you’re looking to relocate to a nice area, you’re going to love Coconut Grove. If you love suburban areas with an urban kick to in, this is your place. Public schools here are rated to be better than average. One more great thing and a huge plus for raising a family here are low crime rates. Long distance movers Miami will get you to one of the best places to live in the Miami Area in no time!

a house in Coconut Grove as one of the best places to live in the Miami Area
Coconut Grove is one of the best places to live in the Miami Area.

There are a lot of single-family residences. The style of the Coconut Grove is modern and Mediterranean. Living here would be a permanent vacation. People here have a really strong sense of community and diversity among people is present. Many restaurants, parks, and walking paths make people meet each other, and everyone knows everyone.

Aventura is more affordable on our list of best places to live in Miami

If you are keen on owning some property in Miami Aventura is your place. It is more affordable and just a 10-minute drive from the urban center of Miami. Aventura is one of the fastest-growing areas of Miami, and yet it is peaceful and quiet. Aventura Mall is located here which is one of the largest shopping malls in the country. Now that is something to add to your bucket list. Storage FL will keep your stuff safe while you settle in Aventura.

stacked coins
Aventura is very affordable.

Neighborhoods here are mostly gated with their own security which is great for families with kids. If you think this quiet neighborhood is just too peaceful for you, think again. Aventura is one of the best places to live in the Miami Area because it is located on I-95. This means that it is an easy access point to Brickell and Downtown where all the stuff happens. So if you are worrying you will miss something, you won’t.

Of course, we will mention Miami Beach

Miami Beach has no bad neighborhoods. The crime rate is amazingly low here. Public transport is great and can literally take you anywhere you need to be. Schools here are also great, the same as Coconut Grove. You will definitely never bet bored in Miami Beach. The beach is very clean here, and there is a lot of possibilities to engage in sport. Another similar thing Miami Beach has with Coconut Grove is the diversity amongst people. Not only is the population that lives here diverse, but the place is also swarming with tourists. This means you will always have a chance of meeting new people and you will almost never be bored.

image of Miami Beach
Miami Beach is very clean and popular with tourists.

Coral Gables

If boats are your thing, Coral Gabels is your next destination. Coral Gables has a ton of storage place for people’s boats, indoors, the same as in the canals. Private and public schools here are blooming and are very well respected. Another great reason to raise a family here other than schools in nature.

The place is not all in concrete and high towers but in greens and nature. A lovely area for you and your family to live in. when they are all grown up, the close proximity of the University of Miami will make your lives easier. Buckle up and prepare for a long distance move. Coral Gables is one of the best places to live in the Miami Area because of:

  1. Venetian pool
  2. Tropical Botanic Garden
  3. Lowe art Museum
  4. Old Cutler trail
tree and grass
There is a lot of greenery in Coral Gables.


Manhattan fans will love this place. The urban way of Brickell very much imitates that of Manhattan. A large number of banks makes this place a paradise for those who are looking for a job in finance. Metro mover is making it really easy to get around and the earlier mentioned Coral Gabels is really close. It is great if you love the urban feels but want an option to chill and relax at the Coral Gables green areas. There are many upsides to living in Miami.

image of brickell - one of the best places to live in the Miami Area
Brickell has a very urban feel.

Brickell offers animal lovers a great number of parks and pet-friendly areas. As well as restaurants and a lot of places to just relax and have a chat and really enjoy the moment. For the night time version, there are a lot of clubs offering a crazy amount of fun for those who never sleep. Young professionals love Brickell as it is a place to grow your business and get better at whatever you do. The limits are non-existent and opportunities are everywhere.


Another safe community in close proximity to Coran Gabes is Pinecrest. A very clean area with a suburban feel and a very high income. The schools are great as well as in other areas we mentioned. It is not only great for kids but for young professionals as well. Everyone here is really friendly and the community is tight.

Police rounds are regular witch means the place is pretty safe to raise a family in. Walking is like a lifestyle here and everyone prefers it to drive around. It is more of a family area because there are not many nightlife options in Pinecrest. Because of that, it is more suited for family types. The restaurants offer amazing authentic food for you to enjoy. Pinecrest has a good location because it is near to various attractions for families to visit and enjoy.

Everyone can find something for them on our list of best places to live in the Miami Area. It is certainly so well developed that there is something to find for every member of your family to enjoy. Have a nice trip and good luck!