Best places to live in Orlando

Over the past decade, Orlando’s best neighborhoods for life have quickly become some of the hottest places in the United States. With a vibrant nightlife and natural beauty enough to inspire even the most dedicated nature lover, more and more people are discovering the best places to live in Orlando for an exciting and comfortable lifestyle that they provide. But, like any city, Orlando and the places near Orlando are divided into tens and even hundreds of neighborhoods. So, how do you know which areas are worth exploring and which ones you should skip? That’s where we come. We’ve put together this helpful guide to help you with your move to Orlando. We will help you determine which areas of Orlando offer the hottest nightlife, the best restaurants, and the most inspiring and convenient places for your lifestyle.

We realize that there are no two people alike. And what two people are looking for in the neighborhood can vary greatly. So, we have put together a list of the best places to live in Orlando in different areas of the city to help you see as many different options and styles as possible.

Disney World
There’s more to Orlando than just Disney World, you simply need to look around

So before you hire long distance movers Orlando, let’s look at some of the best neighborhoods in Orlando, Florida for you.

Best places to live in Orlando, Florida

So, without further ado, here’s our look at some of the best areas in Orlando and what they can offer.

Azalea Park

Are you a nature lover? Than Azalea Park may be one of the best areas in Orlando for you. It has many parks, trails and natural beauty. There are even great opportunities for bird watching here if this is your jam. Residents love Azalea Park for its somewhat cozy and welcoming atmosphere, without giving up all the good things in life in the city. Which makes hiring senior movers FL and moving to this place a good choice for older people.

If we made Azalea Park seem too sleepy, don’t worry – it still has something to offer in the form of nightlife, great restaurants, and attractions that you can enjoy on weekends. It is also close to other large areas of the city, including downtown Orlando.

If you like to live in a diverse, pleasant area with many opportunities for entertainment, then try Azalea Park. This may just be one of the best places to live in Orlando.

Lake Frederica

If you are interested in a wide range of events and want to know where to live in Orlando, Lake Frederica brings natural splendor to an urban space that is different from others and has its own character. Its close proximity to the city center makes it especially convenient. As well as to the airport for those who expect to make many trips from the city by plane.

Meanwhile, Frederica Lake also boasts many delicious restaurants. As well as nearby lakes and a transportation hub leading to all of Orlando. If nightlife is your style, Frederica Lake may not be the hottest spot in the city. But it has its own appeal if you are willing to spend time looking for the right places.

Lake Frederica
In general, Frederica Lake has its own unique atmosphere and style, unlike anywhere else.

Best places to live in Orlando – Conway

Conway offers an extremely wide selection of shops and restaurants. And itis conveniently located in the main transportation hub, which can quickly give you access to all of Orlando. It is also close to Orlando International Airport. This makes it one of the best places to live in Orlando.

You will also enjoy the mix of small local eateries, popular chains, and upscale restaurants when you really want to enjoy gourmet dishes. There are many new housing estates that attract young residents, and diversity is also growing in the area. With many nearby lakes, trails and water activities, you can even forget that you are in a city. This makes Conway a great place to live for a wide range of personalities and interests.

Kirkman South

Do you like to have the maximum walkability in your area? Then Kirkman South is the place for you. Find the right place, and a whole world of events and opportunities will be within walking distance from your door. We are talking about shopping, grocery stores, nightclubs, delicious restaurants. It is also close enough to the city center to be convenient. But far enough that there are many parking spaces and there is no crazy, non-stop atmosphere that can be tiring. That can be perfect for people moving to Orlando from NYC.

There are many attractions in Kirkman South: from local museums and attractions to cafes, libraries and outdoor adventures. If you want to take advantage of all Orlando has to offer, Kirkman South is a great place to call home.

Windhover is one of the best places to live in Orlando

At Windhover, one of the most urban areas on our list, you really feel like living in Orlando. And this is for the best, because you will like some of the best bars, clubs and nightclubs that Orlando has to offer. A very diverse area is also very attractive, as you will be surrounded by people of all backgrounds enjoying all that the city has to offer.

With pedestrian restaurants and attractions, as well as easy transport to the city center, Windhover is just as convenient as fun. Don’t sleep on Windhover, as this might just be the best place to call home in all of Orlando if it matches your unique personality.


No, we are not talking about the ultra-hipster Brooklyn enclave in New York. Williamsburg from Orlando is much less pretentious and warmer, but it still has something to offer. From delicious restaurants and many attractions to ample opportunities for accommodation and a trendy, vibrant atmosphere, you will love the unique sensation of Williamsburg from the moment you appear here.

The best part? You are still close enough to the city center to be a short drive or train ride away. And you can enjoy the bustling nightlife with many bars open until late, and new restaurants that open weekly.

Water park slide
If you are a fan of adventure, Williamsburg also has something to offer you.

Is Orlando a good place to live?

In general, we think that Orlando is a great place to live with an attraction for every unique resident. Whatever of the best places to live in Orlando you choose, you will find many options for what you are looking to get out of your lifestyle.