Best places to live in Florida in 2022

Welcome to Florida, one of the most beautiful states in America. This state has so many wonderful options for living that it becomes hard to choose just one. If you need any help with moving, make sure to find dependable moving companies in Florida. Not only will you get assistance with your relocation, but you could also get a free moving estimate in advance. That way, your biggest concern will be finding the perfect place to live in. Here we give you our list of the best places to live in Florida in 2022.

What are the best places to live in Florida in 2022?

Looking forward and anticipating the new year certainly becomes more pronounced when you expect to move. You might like to read a guide on moving to Florida while preparing to relocate. If you are among those who plan to move to Florida in the next year, consider yourself lucky. There are plenty of popular locations suitable for a great variety of people. Without further delay, here is our list of the best places to live in Florida in 2022.

palm trees on a beach in sunset
Florida is certainly famous for its breathtaking beaches

Sarasota – the right place to be in 2022

If you’ve heard anything about Florida, it must have been about the sunny beaches. And here in Sarasota, there are beaches and beyond. The Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key, and others attract both tourists and locals for a visit to the shores. Like all Florida places, it is quickly expanding and becoming more and more popular. If you are moving to this area and need help with your personal belongings, take a look at reliable storage units in Florida. Storing your items can make a big difference in the quality of the move.

The prices in Sarasota are a bit higher (many of the places on this list will inevitably fall into that category), but the views and opportunities make up for it. The beaches are varied but usually encompass large areas. If you are coming to Sarasota with your family, there are many options for fun activities that include animal sees. The Mote Aquarium is a very popular option in this category. Also, don’t forget about many local events (music and arts often included), fine restaurants and many other activities that are bound to make you enjoy life.

a castle in Disneyland with people around it
Some of the best places to live in Florida in 2022, such as Tampa, are near Disneyland

Tampa is a widely popular choice

Tampa is a city that offers its residents a variety of sites. There are both urban neighborhoods with notable skyscrapers and a growing economy, and natural beaches with a relaxed atmosphere. It is often compared to Miami, both because of its size and number of residents and because of the general feeling. If you would like to move to Miami from afar, our long distance movers Miami will gladly help with solving any obstacle.

The prices for renting or buying go from high to low, so there are many options for almost every price range. It is a good place to live in because it offers both growing prospects for you and your whole family. This refers to job and housing opportunities, as well as activities related to vacation and culture. There are multiple areas to choose from in Tampa, with St Petersburg becoming more and more popular recently.

St. Augustine, a true gem of Florida

Without a doubt, St. Augustine will offer you a living experience unlike any else in Florida. With its unique aesthetic, it is slowly but surely becoming one of the most wanted locations to live in in 2022. Being located on the northern side of Florida, it also offers beach and water activities to residents and visitors. Since the city has a great historical significance, there are many landmarks and buildings of importance to see. St. Augustine has many old sites to see, but is also very up-to-date and gives its residents an opportunity for a very enriched life.

Many of the buildings are reminiscent of Spanish architecture, the Historic District is breathtaking, and last but not least – the food is delicious. If you have kids, there are plenty of options for them as well. The beaches, the delicious sweets, and even the alligator farm and zoological park are just a few kid activities to mention. Given all these reasons, it is no wonder St. Augustine is one of the best places to live in Florida in 2022.

a glass of margarita and a pizza on a table are essential for best places to live in Florida in 2022
Fun, tasty, and luxurious dining combine in many Florida cities

Pensacola is perfect for settling down

If you would like to find affordable housing and good prospects for your children growing up, look no further. Pensacola has many opportunities for finding places both for rent and for buying at a reasonable price. It is well-known for the lovely beaches and amazing Historic Downtown. You could find anything here, from the fun events that go on regularly at the streets of Pensacola to the many fascinating museums.

These include the Pensacola Museum of Art, Pensacola Museum of History, and even the Pensacola Children’s Museum. Now that we’ve mentioned children, did you know that Pensacola schools are among the most diverse in Florida? The schooling system is also well developed and there are many schools to choose from.

Fort Myers – perfect both for younger and senior populations

Here we have a place that is truly amazing for many reasons. One of those reasons is its high ranking when it comes to retirement options (bear in mind, Sarasota is also very high on that list!). The other is a great chance of finding an affordable living space. That being said, Fort Myers doesn’t lack nightlife and fun activities either. For example, it offers a range of outdoor dining restaurants, many of them romantically positioned near the sandy beach.

Some of these include the charming Keylime Bistro and the luxurious Flippers On The Bay. Of course, we couldn’t forget about the beach life. As with most Florida places, you get what you would expect: a wonderful, long beach, perfect for swimming and sunbathing, with many options for a brunch or a cocktail nearby.

So, how to pick your favorite best places to live in Florida in 2022?

We know – it is very hard to choose from the many lovely Florida cities. With many having their beaches, great nightlife, and affordable pricing, how could it be possible to pick only one? Don’t worry, as living in Florida gives you the benefit of being nearby many amazing sites. If given the possibility, a road trip around Florida might be a good idea to see which city makes you feel at home.

one of the best places to live in Florida in 2022
There are many great places in Florida

Even if you know what are the best places to live in Florida in 2022, the most important thing is how you feel about living there. We give you some additional suggestions of amazing places that we couldn’t skip on our list, suitable either for a visit or for a longer stay:

  • Orlando – where you could always visit Disneyland or Universal Studios Florida Theme Park
  • Naples – where the upscale living and shopping tours will leave you breathless
  • Tallahassee – the capital of Florida that includes the famous Florida State University
  • Miami – one of the most famous places in the entire United States, with a modern, unique attitude.

Whether you have a car or not, it is a good idea to try to plan your trip and make a list of everything you would like to see. Without a doubt, you are bound to have a great time in Florida!