Best military moving tips

Are you planning to start your first Permanent Change Station (PCS relocation)? Or you are an experienced professional in a moving game? Moving can be the beginning of a great family adventure. Before you start packing, consider these twelve military moving tips that can simplify your next move and allow you to focus on the following exciting opportunities. We provide military movers FL, as well as personalized support to help you master your move.

Before setting out some of the tips, it’s worth repeating one remark: the most important thing you can do is start the official process as soon as you receive official military orders.

Here are some of the best military moving tips

Soldier's daughter
With these tips, the whole moving process will be much easier for you and your family

1. The best military moving tips – Know your rights

Check out the information that will help you make the process of moving as simple as possible. Familiarize yourself with your rights and obligations during the move, as well as with the actions that you can take depending on your rights.

For example, did you know that you have the right to ask the movers to unpack your things and reassemble them? Or that you have the right for the movers to pick up unpacked containers, packing materials and other moving garbage for free on the day of delivery? Knowing some of these things in advance can make your task easier when you are extremely busy with moving tasks.

2. Tell your children

Moving can be especially intense for children. There are several steps you can take to help them deal with emotional roller coasters when packing and moving. There is an online community, Military Kids Connect, specifically designed to help military children deal with the unique psychological problems of military life, including frequent moves.

Tell them about your move as soon as possible. And do not forget to assure them that important things in life – for example, how much you love them – will not change.

3. Be flexible with moving dates

This is especially true if you plan to move somewhere from late May to mid-July.  Such flexibility means not only Tuesday or Wednesday of a certain week – there should be a spread of weeks.

This is difficult when you are trying to juggle, notifying your landlord, or especially if you are selling a house. But if you fix yourself on one date of the move based on decisions already made, you can be baffled if you cannot get your special services FL on that date. Consider some of the options the military can help you with, such as lodging allowances.

4. Military moving tips – Know your weight allowance

Despite the fact that they were not widespread, some military personnel found out that they had to pay extra because they exceeded their weight allowance. Military personnel also have the right to ask their moving company or military transport office for a review of their home goods’ weight, and they have the right to be present during this reevaluation.

5. Get a history lesson

Remember your past moves to find out the weight of your previous shipments. This will help you prepare, taking into account your current weight rate and deciding whether you have added or subtracted belongings since your last move.

6. Do not move what you do not want

It’s never too early to start selecting items. Think about a sale or donate some things to a charity. Why suffer the hassle and expense of moving rarely used items?

Old furniture
Getting rid of the old furniture could be one of the most useful military moving tips

7. Military moving tips – Prepare your car

If you are moving abroad, make sure to prepare your car for shipping. Document the condition of your car and do all the necessary repairs necessary for the car to be mechanically functional. If your vehicle has any outstanding recalls, take the vehicle to the dealer and make these corrections. Otherwise, your vehicle may be diverted from the vehicle processing center.

8. Make a cost estimate

Start documenting your valuables and collecting what you will carry with you, the so-called essentials box. Those are things like passports, jewelry, a marriage certificate, birth certificates, medicines, and so on. Not only monetary value is important, but also emotional value, as well as how long it may take to replace things like birth certificates or other important documents.

Start thinking about the clothes you take with you and how long your household items will take to get to your new location. Before the movers come, you must put these items in a closet or room marked as forbidden for movers, or possibly in the trunk of your car.

9. Get personal

And professional. Separate the professional objects that you move so that movers can mark the weight. If these items are considered professional items, also known as Pro-Gear, they are not counted in the total number of household items.

10. Make a documentary

Consider using your mobile phone to document your items and the status of these items, moving from room to room and shooting videos of what you find. Describe the subjects during the recording. This is one of the best military moving tips since it can help you significantly during the unpacking.

11. Read the inventory

A key part of a successful move is knowing exactly what is going with you. The good news is that technology makes this part easier than ever. Using a smartphone or computer, you can record the name, description, and condition of everything that is in your house. Download the free home inventory software or ask your insurance company for inventory recommendations.

Some people will simply sign this upon departure. If you want something in the inventory, you need to tell the movers you want the documentation that reflects the contents of the boxes.

12. Ask away

If you have questions about what the moving company is doing or what they are telling you, contact your transportation office. Go to the same office with questions that arise when you ask for a move.

Questions to ask
Ask everything that can help you make your move easier

Do not worry. With these military moving tips, some preparation, and a bit of luck, your next move will be carefree. And once everything is over, you will be able to enjoy your new home with your family.