Best cities in Florida for young professionals in 2022

Living in Florida offers ample opportunities for young professionals. Not only is the weather amazing, but the job market is also full of positions waiting for those willing to work. If you are a young professional looking for more reasons to move to Florida, you came to the right place. Cross Country Moving Group FL helps with residential, commercial, cross-country, interstate, and other types of relocations. We can help you move swiftly to the best cities in Florida for young professionals.

There will be many great cities In Florida for young professionals in 2022

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the world has changed. There were many ongoing changes for young professionals wanting to start a career. Many jobs shifted to working online, many people have changed states and countries, and many others have unfortunately lost their jobs. This means that some migrations began to happen and that certain states and cities became more popular.

a woman smiling while doing research on best cities in Florida for young professionals
Young professionals are always happy to visit Florida for career advancements.

The reasons for this are varied and they include better health conditions, better job payments, lower housing rates, and so on. Florida is one of those states that remained popular for settlers from all around the world due to its warm climate and ample opportunities. If you are looking for long distance movers Florida, our movers can help you have a stress-free relocation. Long-distance moving requires some expertise and knowledge because it takes more precaution and care. And by the looks of it, there will be many reasons to move to Florida during the ongoing year. Some of the best cities in Florida for young professionals in 2022 include Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and more.

Florida – an incredible destination for aspiring professionals

It is a well-known fact that Florida is one of the most beloved states in America. And, without a doubt, it gives us many reasons to be in that position. It is called the sunny state because of the incredible weather it offers. The biggest part of the year is sunny and the wintertime is usually mildly cold. Many amazing beaches can lighten up even the worst days. There are also many places available for hiking, walking, and other refreshing activities.

There is a wide array of amusement parks, museums, and interesting tours, so you can always find great ways to recharge your batteries. However, this is just the beginning – if you are a young professional looking for job options, there will be plenty of those as well. If you are moving from California to Florida, remember to find respectable movers who have experience with this kind of moving.

a beach sunset and an amazing waterline
Florida offers amazing beaches and a vibrant lifestyle, suitable for younger people.

What is the job market like in Florida state?

The current job market is very favorable for young professionals who want to move to Florida in 2022. If you would like to find affordable moving companies from New York to Florida in 2022, you can ask for a free moving quote. In 2021, there was a visible and steady growth in this area, as announced by the Governor. Florida state jobs have seen a growth of 5,6% during that year. Many new job opportunities were open and it contributed to a general feeling of well-being among the locals. At the same time, the unemployment rate has dropped significantly. This means that young professionals can expect to find security in their career advancements.

What are the most wanted career options in Florida?

Apart from some states that have a reputation of having great career options in just one particular field of work, Florida state offers job variety. There are many new job opportunities in the health department, for instance. The trading services and transportation have also seen a growth of 7,200 new jobs in 2021. There are ample opportunities for customer service representatives (with an average salary of 44,689$ per year) as well as for education workers. Young people who expect to find new career opportunities can hope for a future in Florida – at least the current trends predict so.

The job opportunities are expected to grow and there will certainly be a large influx of people from all around the world. Don’t forget to ask your movers for storage units  Florida. Using storage services can help you move in a shorter time frame and find additional space when needed. Among other popular jobs in Florida, there are some notable mentions, such as:

  • Registered nurse
  • Sales associate
  • Real estate agent
  • Truck driver
  • Home health aide

It is worth mentioning that all these jobs are very well-paid and they are ranked as highly required right now. As you can see, the job market is varied and it offers a lot to many different types of professionals. There are many more jobs that are naturally not on this list, especially in some more diverse and large cities.

young professionals
There are many job opportunities in Florida

Miami is among the most famous cities in Florida for young professionals in 2022

If there is one city in Florida that everyone knows of, it is Miami. With its high ranking as a celebrity favorite, it became one of the best cities for young professionals from all around the world. You can always find cross country movers Miami that suit your needs. People come to this place for many reasons. Some of them have to do with living near the excitement of a big urban city. Others come here looking for career advancements.

Miami goes as one of the best cities for aspiring doctors. Cardiologists, physicians, dentists, and psychiatrists are among the most popular job positions in 2022. They are also expected to be very well paid, as expected. It is not very easy to get such a high-paid job position in Miami, however, if you have a good starting point (a degree from a high-ranked college for instance) you can hope to achieve your dreams here.

There is a good reason why Miami is one of the best cities in Florida for young professionals. Office and administration workers are among the most popular job positions in Miami. While the cost of living is a bit higher than the national average, in case you have the requirements to move here, without a doubt you can live the life of your dreams.

a skyline of Miami during nighttime
Miami is one of the best cities for young professionals.

Tampa is an amazing option for young professionals in Florida

If you are planning to move to Tampa, you probably already know about its amazing features. Always take care of your moving process when looking for long distance movers Tampa. Your relocation should be organized with trusted movers. Tampa slowly but steadily became one of the most attractive destinations for living, especially for younger people. This is mainly due to its variety and diversity. Younger people looking for lovely beaches, a dynamic lifestyle, sunny weather, and amazing cuisine travel to the area of Tampa Bay at all times.

It’s no secret that Tampa is currently one of the most wanted locations for starting a new career. This is due both to its surroundings which are adjusted to the life of young professionals as well as to the ample job opportunities. As with many Florida state cities, you will find many well-paid jobs in health services, finances and business, law firms, and many more. In the past year, there were 79,700 new jobs in the private sector, and this trend is expected to grow even further.

If 2021 saw a rise of 6,7% in job openings,2022 is expected to see similar results. Almost 90% of jobs that have been lost due to the pandemic have been recovered, with new job positions, especially in the private sector. It is, therefore, no surprise that Tampa is always mentioned when talking about cities in Florida for young professionals in 2022.


Here is a city that has a reputation of being the absolute best choice for young professionals looking for career advancements in the entire state. Orlando offers so much to its inhabitants. Don’t forget to find the best Orlando long distance movers you can. Having the right kind of help will be crucial to your relocation. The Downtown is especially well-known as being part of Orange County, with its amazing and highly ranked school system. The other especially praised neighborhood is Park Lake/Highland.

It is especially well-known for its suitability for young professionals. If you are looking for the best cities in Florida for young professionals in, then you should look up Park Lake in Orlando. It is ranked as the best neighborhood to live in Orlando. However, both these neighborhoods are in the top two for young professionals.

Why is Orlando among the best cities in Florida for young professionals?

Orlando has a long history of keeping its unemployment rates continuously below the national average. Orlando was the third best city for employment in 2019 among a group of 180 other US cities. Since then, it continued to offer a lot to young professionals looking for new job opportunities, especially in the areas of health, airline, and business.

a woman holding a cup and looking at a laptop
Doing research on the best career options is always a good idea before moving.

Fort Lauderdale is one of the best cities in Florida for young professionals

Florida State is well-known for many of its cities. Fort Lauderdale is one such city, with an amazing reputation of being a great option for young, aspiring workers. There are many interesting job opportunities in various services. For example, there are open positions for urban planners, facility workers, technology managers, crime scene investigators, and so on.

Not only is there a wide range of career options, but it is also a wonderful city to live in. In fact, according to research done by Ipsos Public Affairs, it is one of the best mid-size to smaller size cities to live in America. It has generally been praised as one of the best cities for education and healthcare. However, you can find well-rounded neighborhoods here, as well as more affordable housing.

Schooling options in Florida

Young professionals are always interested in upgrading their career options. This is why many are interested in quality academic programs. Luckily, the state of Florida offers a lot when it comes to universities, whether they are public or private. Cross Country Moving Group has experienced and helpful interstate movers Florida. You can rely on our movers’ help when it comes to relocating. The schooling system in Florida is one of the best in the entire country. Both the public and the private schools are perfect for young people who want higher education.

The college system is also highly praised. There are many top-ranked universities. The famous Florida State University is exceptionally praised. There are many amazing options for academics from many walks of life. There are 40 public colleges and universities and many, many more amazing programs. The University of Miami, University of South Florida, and many more are highly ranked as well. If you are a young professional looking for career advancements, you can study and work at the same time. Simultaneous work can do wonders for your career, especially if you are finishing a master’s or doctorate.

students being happy in a classroom
The schooling system is amazing for young people who want to learn more about their future jobs.

What more to hope for in Florida

If you are moving to Florida, whether because of career options or because of work advancements, you are in for a wonderful time. Florida offers amazing nature walks, wonderful cities, amusement parks, and more. In case you are looking to stay for a longer time, this is the perfect place to be in. Raising a family in Florida is also very popular because there is an abundance of peaceful neighborhoods and fun activities for kids. You can count on living here and upgrading both your career and other areas of your life.

Would you like to visit the cities in Florida for young professionals?

It is always a good idea to come and visit the cities you would like to live in. Paying a visit to your future living location is good because you will know exactly what you need and how you feel about it. There are many amazing cities in Florida for young professionals that are easy to visit, especially if you are already living in the USA. You can use this time to see more amazing sites in Florida as well. Some of them are nature walks that can ease your stay as you search for the best career options. Whatever you choose to do, Florida will leave you feeling fulfilled.