Benefits of using portable storage containers

There are a few key things many people look out for when relocating. First of all, they are all looking to cut costs as much as possible and stay within a set budget. Secondly, rarely anyone has the ability to take that much time off work just to relocate. Therefore, time-saving tips and tricks are most welcome when it comes to organizing a move. Being flexible with your moving company of choice is also important. Both sides have their own schedules and sometimes, they aren’t compatible. One of the most daunting tasks in the moving process is probably packing. If you’re looking for a way around this, to make it a bit easier, we’ve got you covered. Using portable storage containers is a great way to simplify your relocation and save some time.

First of all, what are portable storage containers?

If you are not familiar with the moving terminology, you may not know what portable storage containers are. Do not worry! We will explain it all. Well, they are large containers that you can usually spot on cargo ships and trucks. They can be used to transport pretty much anything! From your furniture, clothes, home appliances, and even your pool table can be shipped in it! Many people opt for using these containers instead of putting everything in separate boxes and loading them onto a truck. Even though it might seem a bit strange, there are quite a few benefits of going in this direction when relocating.

These containers are very sturdy and durable

Aerial view of shipping containers
A cargo ship regularly carries a lot of containers. However, because of their steel reinforcements, the containers on the bottom don’t have any risk of getting damaged.

This is perhaps one of the most common reasons people choose to use portable storage containers for their move. Most often, they tend to worry about the state of their belongings during transport. Valuables easily shatter if you don’t store them properly, and the cardboard boxes can break. Also, if you end up moving on a very rainy day, many of your items can get wet and damaged beyond repair. That’s when it’s time for you to consider getting a portable container for this occasion. The good ones are completely waterproof, and can withstand any weather conditions! They are made of reinforced steel, and even if they are stacked on a cargo ship, the ones on the bottom can take the weight of the other containers on top.

There are multiple sizes of portable storage containers

Cargo containers of various colors and sizes
There are many various sizes of portable containers, and you can pick whichever one you need for your relocation!

And it’s up to you to choose which one you need! If you’ve ever seen a freight ship transporting containers, you’ve seen that they are pretty large in size. However, that’s not the only type of storage container there are. The biggest one you can get is 16x8x8 feet one! Other than that, there are 12-foot and 7-foot containers. This way, you can rent a perfectly sized container for all your needs. If you’ve got a lot of items to pack, then this might be a better solution than trying to jam everything in a moving truck. In any case, if you’re thinking about renting a container like this just to store a part of your belongings, then you can choose a smaller one. Some people prefer having their items in storage Florida, and some like containers instead. That’s why it’s good to have a choice!

How can these containers help you out in relocation?

As we already mentioned, portable storage containers are a great alternative to regular cardboard boxes and a moving truck. If you’ve got a lot of stuff and are moving long-distance, then you might want to consider this. Especially if you’re moving overseas! Once you load everything onto a container, you know that it is ready to travel a long way. What’s best of all, all your items will arrive at the same time, completely undamaged! If you’re worried about where you can find one, don’t be. Many cities today have crews who know how to handle this kind of relocation. If you get in touch with Cross Country Moving Group, we will work with you to create the best moving strategy for your needs.  Whether it is getting a truck and cardboard boxes, or renting a storage container, we’ve got you!

When you choose to rent a portable container, you are more flexible with your moving schedule

Time sometimes really is money. In the case that you need more flexibility to move whenever you wish, this is a good idea. Renting portable storage containers gives you more freedom to organize your relocation. You will get a privilege to pack at your own pace, and not rush the moving process if you’re not feeling comfortable with it. We have to note while many movers are ready to work around your busy schedules, you will still have a deadline by which you need to pack everything. If you think you may not be ready by a certain date, then definitely opt for portable containers.

portable storage containers on a loading dock
Even though it may not be the first choice for everyone, shipping your belongings in a portable storage container may not be such a bad idea after all.

There are no hidden costs with portable storage containers

When picking a moving company, you have to be sure you’ve got a reliable one. There are many scams out there and with such an unreliable company, you can end up spending a lot more money than you initially wanted. A registered moving company will usually have a flat rate for rending portable storage containers. They also determine it way in advance, so they won’t add hidden costs to your bill. On the plus side, when packing everything into one container, you won’t have to spend additional money on cardboard or plastic boxes that you won’t use later on! Be smart about the money you are spending on this relocation and plan it out carefully.