Benefits of short term storage rental in Florida

Most of the time, the relocation process can go really smoothly. You pack your belongings, your moving team will load them in the truck, and deliver them to your new home. Sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? However, sometimes it’s not all that simple. For instance, you may end up having more things than you can fit into your new house. Before you figure out a solution, you’ll need a place to put them away. That’s when you start researching storage unit options in your area! There are many benefits of short term storage rental, and many people aren’t aware of how useful it can be. Storage units have become more and more popular over the years, and here’s why!

What are the benefits of short term storage rental?

As we previously mentioned, this service usually comes in handy when you’re relocating. On the other hand, it is also quite useful if you’re redecorating your house. If you’re doing more serious work in your home, the workers will need as much space as possible. You may even need to empty certain rooms completely. In that case, storage FL will be a great option for you. Short term rental usually means three months or less, for whatever temporary situation you’re in. Redecorating and fixing a house usually takes around that time, so renting a storage unit is a great idea to keep your furniture and belonging safe! Simply pick them up and put them back in your house when the workers finish their job. That way, nothing will get ruined or damaged!

woman wrapping lamp in paper before painting
If you don’t want to wrap everything individually, it may be easier to temporarily rent a storage unit while redecorating your home!

One of the advantages of renting a storage unit is guaranteed safety

Not only will your items be safe from the construction going on in your house, but also during their stay in the unit. Nowadays, most storage units are equipped with security cameras, gates, and even security guards. When selecting the right storage facilities for you, take those features into consideration. It’s even safer than leaving all those things in your basement or a shed – those can, unfortunately, be easily robbed. Also, storing tools temporarily in a storage unit is safer than leaving them around your home if you have little children or pets. They won’t run into them and it lowers the risk of them getting injured in any way. Once you’re all settled in the new place, and you’ve secured a safe storage spot, you can go ahead and bring them out of the unit.

green door closed with a lock and a chain
Storage facilities really take security measures seriously. You can relax knowing your belongings are safe and sound!

Getting a storage unit isn’t as expensive as you might presume

Some people will avoid short term storage rental in Florida, out of fear that it will cost them a lot of money. We all know how expensive relocation can be sometimes. Especially if you’re in a need of special moving services, such as moving an expensive and bulky piece of furniture. That’s why you’re wary of spending money elsewhere. However, renting a storage unit may actually save you some cash! For instance, if there are some items you do not want or need to move straight away, you can store them. That way, you will save on transportation costs, and later sell the items at a lower price. It will be less of a hassle during transport, and a simpler solution for all! Don’t forget that the storage you’re considering is still temporary, and many facilities will be flexible with their prices.

What can’t you store in a storage unit?

Even though this is temporary, there are strict rules about what can and can’t be stored in a unit. Whether it is for one week or one month, the rules are still the same. For instance, perishables are on the list of prohibited items in a storage unit. The reasoning is simple – they can attract pests, such as rats, and those little critters can destroy everything else that you put in storage. Secondly, hazardous materials also shouldn’t stay in the storage unit. Items such as gasoline, explosives, fireworks, or even paint – they are highly flammable and strictly prohibited. Not only could they ruin the rest of your belongings, but they can also endanger the lives of storage facility employees. Keep these restrictions in mind when renting short term storage in Florida!

grey flip top lighter with a flame
Flammable liquids are something you definitely mustn’t store in your storage unit. Those have to travel with you, as they also can’t go to a moving truck!

Leaving the clutter out of your home is one of the benefits of short term storage rental

There’s no hiding this – everyone has found themselves in a situation that they have way too much stuff. Over time, you simply accumulate things and seldom get rid of the ones you don’t use anymore. Having a lot of clutter in your house is not good for anyone. That’s where short term storage rental can help out! Go through all your belongings, and store away items you no longer need. In case you don’t have enough free time to sell or donate them right away, rent a storage unit. That way, you will keep the clutter away from your home, and still make someone else happy in the end!

Discovering the benefits of short term storage rental is easy with our help

Tackling unknown tasks during relocation is easy when you’ve got great help. For instance, you will opt to get packing services FL when packing becomes too overwhelming. In the same way, get in touch with us if you’re still not sure where to begin when considering storage options! Our experts will listen to your needs and give proper advice when it comes to short term storage rental in Florida. After all, we simply want to make your relocation easier!