Benefits of Moving to a Warmer Climate

Summer is almost ending and September is creeping in. However, summer is far from over. There is still after-dust from all the heat, traffic jams, and warm concrete. People are still wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Altho not for long. If it’s September already that must mean that Autumn is reeling in. That’s when it might hit you. Wouldn’t it be awesome if it could be summer all the time? Well, if you decide that moving to a warmer climate that can become a reality, all you need to do is hire long distance movers FL recommends.

Moving to a Warmer Climate
If you decide to move to warmer climates it can be summer all year long!

Moving to a warmer climate means more vitamins!

There is a reason doctors tell you to go outside more if you feel a bit down. The reason is quite simple actually. It’s staring you right at your face. The only vitamin you cannot ingest through food (unless you take supplements) is Vitamin D. The only thing to do is to expose your skin to sunlight. When your skin gets in contact with the sunrays it starts producing Vitamin D. So what? You might exclaim. However, this is extremely important. Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. Also, there has been researching done on the topic of increasing vitamin D intake in order to lower depression, with a slew of success. So being in a warm climate actually helps you stay healthy!

Vegetables, as healthy as they are, they cannot provide your body with sufficient Vitamin D.


A warmer climate is also good for productivity. Since a warmer climate means more daylight hours in the day. Which in turn means that you can spend more time working during the day, without having the feeling that it’s getting late. Also, you can spend more time on outdoor activities such as basketball, bicycling and running! Nobody likes running in the harsh winter snow. So use this opportunity and move to a warmer climate today!

It also means a lot of cool activities for your kids!

Kids love summer. They like playing outside with their friends. They can play ball, or go visit the pool and many other fun activities. However, that’s not possible in cold weather. Not to mention that warm weather will force your kids to play outside rather than to stay inside and play video games.

A child looking at the sun
Kids love playing in summer.

However, if you do decide to move cross country with kids make sure you talk to them about it. Talk about all the good sides of moving. You should explain to them the ability to rollerskate, skateboard more, more fun outdoor time, playing more sports, etc. This way they are more prone to perceiving this relocation as stressful.

Moving to a warmer climate is more cost-effective

By moving to a hotter climate you might be able to shave a few bucks. Why do we say this? Well, it’s quite simple. If you live in colder climates you need to pay for your heating bills, which are ridiculously high. By deciding to live in a warmer climate you won’t have to pay for the heating bill. And if you are smart enough, you can keep your AC cost bill at the minimum. However, even if you don’t take that much care of your AC cost, it will still be cheaper than paying for the heating! So don’t wait around, hire storage FL and get moving!

Okay, I’m sold! What do I need to do?

So you have finally decided to move to a warmer climate? Great! As we have mentioned there are several perks to relocating in such spots. However, you need to keep in mind that you still need to proceed with all the phases moving encompasses. That means that you don’t get off that easily. However, there are some benefits of choosing to move to warmer climates.


When moving you are going to need the pack the things you are going to use. However, if you haven’t decluttered in time you might be facing a giant mess of things that need to be organized. Generally speaking, if you are moving to a warmer climate, you have nothing to fear. You don’t need to bring your winter clothes with you. As well as all the winter paraphernalia you own. You can easily donate that stuff or if it’s not usable anymore – recycle it. This way you are killing two birds with one stone, as you have fewer things to pack, which means the cheaper the cost of the transport will be. Plus you might even get a tax deduction because you donated to non-profit organizations.

Keep in mind that some items are easier to sell than to transport. For example, it would be easier to sell your bulky furniture than to disassemble furniture when moving.


There is nothing special to add to the list of tips for moving when moving to a warmer climate. However, we would like to underline that you should mention to the movers what items are considered fragile, even if they are properly labeled. So you can have their guarantee that they will take gentle care of those items.

In conclusion – what are the benefits of moving to a warmer climate?

There are several health benefits to moving to warmer climates. Some obvious some not so much. For example, moving there you will be exposed to a lot of sun rays which in turn will make your body produce more Vitamin D which is crucial to your existence.  Not only does this go for you, but also for your kids. On another note, kids love warmer climates as they get to play outside with their friends and do a lot of other activities which wouldn’t be possible in colder climates. Lastly, don’t forget that moving to warmer climates encompasses with itself the benefit of not paying for the heating bill, which can be ridiculously huge sometimes.