7 Tips for Moving a Piano

Moving to any city can be a complicated task. There are a lot of details you need to stay on top of, which require organization and dedication. Not a lot of people are willing to put up that kind of work. That’s why most of them find moving one of the most stressful experiences in life. Having no control over things scares people. Not having control over an event as big as moving is what makes people crack. Add the intricacies of moving a piano on that list and well… You have a recipe for a disaster on your hands. Trying to move a piano on your own can be an arduous task in and of itself. However, adding moving to that list takes it to a whole new level. So what we recommend is that you don’t waste your time with that, and hire piano movers FL.

Sometimes, moving can seem really complicated…

7 Tips for Moving a Piano

However, let’s say that you do not want to hire any movers to help. You think you can manage this move on your own. Well, there are a lot of complexities that go into moving a big and bulky item like a piano. However, we think we can provide you with an accurate enough picture of what needs to be done so as the move goes as productive as possible. These are the tips and tricks leaned from years of experience working in the field. Since we at Cross Country Moving Group deal with moving companies on a daily basis, trying to find the perfect one for our customers. And in those years of partnership, we have found several interesting ideas we would like to share with you today.

Tip 1 – Gather the proper equipment

If you have read any other articles on this topic, you will see that every single one of them mentions that you should gather the proper supplies for the job. We are here to tell you that you cannot and should not skip this step. This should be on top of your Moving Checklist. The reason for this is simple. If you do not want to damage your piano, get the supplies we are going to mention below. We know that spending a couple of extra bucks on moving materials is not what you want to do, but trust us – it will be worth it. It’s better to be safe, and cash out a few bucks, then be sorry by damaging your priceless piano during the move.

Moving blankets

So if you want to keep your piece safe make sure you get moving blankets. First, unroll one moving blanket on the floor next to the piano. This is where you will pack your piano. Second, move the piano on the moving blanket. Third, take another moving blanket and start packing the piano. Make sure to secure the moving blanket with tape or shrink wrap. And voila! You know have a piano that is all packed and ready to be moved. You have just packed your piano as any residential movers would.

Moving a Piano
Packing a piano in a cardboard box might not be the smartest idea!

Moving dolly

After you have packed your piano it is time to start moving it. Tip your piece back, and load it to a moving dolly. This way you can move your piano with ease during transport. However, before you start moving your piano we recommend one more thing. Which brings us to tip number 2.

Tip 2 – Prepare the piano

Of course, before you start moving the piano you are going to try to make things easy on yourself. The best way to go about this is to see what you can disassemble without damaging your piece. The safest thing to remove that won’t in any way damage your piano is the legs. They are bulky and will make moving a pain. Yet removing them has no effect on the sound the piano makes. So make sure you do that. This will make the piano easier to lift and move.

Tip 3 for moving a piano  – Take your time

Right by now you should be moving your piano. However, there are no issues when moving a piano on a dolly, but… Problems do arise when you need to move your piece on stairs. So in order to do that most effectively, we recommend that you take your time and go slowly. This is a very bulky item and trying to rush everything might just damage it. So make sure you keep a proper balance of the piano and take your time. Move your items slowly.

Don’t forget… Slow and steady wins the race!

Tip 4 – Get help

Now we understand your need to move a piano all by yourself but let’s be honest. If you don’t want to hire a moving company, you are going to need at least someone to help you move a piano. Moving it yourself is almost impossible. So make it easier on yourself. Call up a friend and ask for help!

Tip 5 – Dress to impress.

Or maybe not. But do not underestimate the importance of proper outfit when moving things around. Wearing comfortable clothes is a must, just make sure it’s nothing baggy that can get caught on those tight corners or furniture. Also, keep in mind to wear gloves or chalk so you can get a little bit of help for your grip.

Tip 6 – Load the piece first

Make sure you load the bulkiest, heaviest items in the moving truck first. This way you will have room for the other smaller items, which will get placed around your piano.

Tip 7 for moving a piano – Have your route planned

Last but definitely not least, make sure you have a pre-planned route you can take. In the sense that you don’t have to think of where you are going to go, but simply when the time comes you can just take that route. So you don’t have to worry about tripping and falling during the move.