7 things you need to do before your interstate move

At one point most people find themselves faced with a move. And in some of those cases, the move happens to be an interstate one. So what are the things you need to do in order to be ready and move without a problem? Calling cross country movers is one of them but it’s not the only one. So here are 7 things you need to do before your interstate move.

Everything starts with a plan

When you decide you will move, the first thing you should do is make a plan. This way you will have everything ready in time for interstate movers Florida and the move day. What are the things that you need to plan out? Well, everything. From your responsibilities, packing, movers, to other things. But among them, there are 7 things you need to do before your cross country move. Those things may seem pretty obvious but sometimes people tend to overlook them or even forget them exactly because of that.

Two movers sitting in a wan
In order to have a safe move, you will need to find reliable movers. So it’s natural that it’s the first thing you need to do before your interstate move.

Hire reliable movers

First thing you need to do before your cross country move is to find and hire reliable movers. Most people do not understand the significance of having professional help. So they decide to do the move themselves. And in most local moves we can understand. But during a move as long and hard as an interstate one we are puzzled why people would do it alone. So it’s best to distance themselves from that option. There are many cross country movers Miami has to offer. And with their help, your move becomes a lot easier not to mention safer as well.

  • They must have all documents that prove they are a legitimate company
  • Ask around or read online reviews and past experiences
  • Read the contract carefully
  • Ask about all of the services they have to offer and how they affect your price
  • Set up a moving date and arrange the move details

Doctors and medical history

We will assume you already have your doctor, whom you visit regularly. If not one you at least must have your medical history stored somewhere. So what we want from you is to go and have a checkup. And this is something you need to do before your cross country move. Your health is really important, and so is your family’s health. Before the day that you will be moving to Florida arrives have all of your checkups, and this includes your family members as well. While you are at the doctor’s ask for every piece of your medical history they have.

visiting a doctor is one thing you need to do before your interstate move

Doctors are a big part of our lives as they affect it greatly, and help us better it. So make sure you find a good one after the move. You should also look up doctors in the vicinity of your new home. The best way to do that is to use recommendations from the medical personnel in charge of your health now, or by asking people you know from that area. Also, online reviews about past experiences may be of help.

Insurance and car shipment

When you move long distances don’t forget to get insurance. It doesn’t sound that important, does it? Are you wondering why you should pay more money for that? Well during short moves insurance is not really that big of a deal. But when faced with a cross country move you will realize this is something you need to do before your cross country move. The insurance provides you with added security in the chance something happens to your items. Be it breaking or getting lost.  The possibility of that happening is slim but never zero.

Shipping your car or vehicle is also something you will need to be aware of on time in order to prepare. In order to ship a car from Florida to California you will need to arrange it in time. As well as do certain things, for example, wash your car, declutter the insides, take the car to a checkup to see if it matches all the regulations, and many more things.

Schools and work

There will come a time school and work will be on the list of things you need to do before your cross country move. We will assume that after you decided to move you already looked into schools for your kids in the area of your new home. As well as a new suitable job for yourself. So when you find the school you are interested in arranging all the child info you will need. So one week prior to moving it will be time to go to your kids’ current school and pull them out completely. Of course, this is something that should already be discussed with the school in order for them to be ready.  By this time you should have already quit work or asked for a break.

Kids sitting on grass at school
The move can be tough for kids especially when thrown into the new school environment. So make sure you are there for them at every step.

Babysitter and vets

If you have kids you should arrange for a babysitter. Why is this on the list of things you need to do before your interstate move? Well, how do you expect to have a safe and smooth move with kids running around? A babysitter will be of great importance a week before and during the move. If possible find one in the town you are moving to in order to get help while you unpack.

If you have pets a vet visit is a must. As you will need to get their medical history as well. And they need to catch up with all the shots and checkups if they already didn’t.  In some states, the laws regarding pets can differ greatly. So please do read everything and make sure your pet is ready.

Tips for workers

This is something most people will tend to forget to do before your interstate move. But this is important especially to motivate the movers during the move. It is usually best to give money but sometimes snacks and refreshments are a big hit too. It’s best to take it into consideration when making your moving budget.