7 reasons why people move cross-country

Cross-country moving is a trend that is becoming more and more pronounced. As the world is becoming more connected, the possibilities for far-away moves are rising high. Along with that, the last couple of years have been very specific and presented the world with new challenges. Some of these challenges include traveling and moving during the pandemic, taking care of new rules and regulations, and so on. There was also some political upheaval in certain parts of the world. But, without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic was the biggest change. Even so, there were many reasons why people move cross-country despite the obstacles. Avoiding such obstacles calls for hiring the best cross country movers in the region. Cross Country Moving Group can help you with even the most complicated interstate moving in Florida.

a woman on an airport looking at her wristwatch and wearing a bag and a suitcase
Moving across the country has been going through delays in the past few years, but it is still quite often.

What are the main reasons why people move cross-country?

Having these recent changes in mind, we can’t help but wonder: what were the main reasons for moving during that timeframe? Not surprisingly, people opted for relocating because of reasons partly connected to the ongoing situation. Some of these reasons include:

  • Being closer to nature – with the lockdowns being frequent in many countries, people opted for suburbs, places with more nature, cities with a healthier air percentage. Especially younger people with children wanted to be in places that offer more freedom and a better climate.
  • Healthy lifestyle – since health was a priority, it was also one of the leading reasons why people move cross-country. According to research, there was a great wave of migration from the big cities such as New York and California to less populated places during 2021. That can be explained by people wanting less crowd, more nature, and of course, fresh air. However, these locations remain a popular relocating destination for many other reasons. If you are looking for professional moving companies from New York to Florida, you can contact our movers at Cross Country Moving Group.
  • Lower taxes – as usual, the possibility of having lower taxes and pricing, in general, was a determining factor during the past few years. Did you know that there isn’t any personal income tax in Florida state?

If you are planning to move across the country, it is best to be prepared. You can benefit greatly from finding reputable interstate movers Florida.

Do moving prices determine the reasons why people move cross-country?

The past couple of years has brought certain changes to moving stats everywhere. Certainly, there has been a bigger need for the help of moving companies, since people avoided contacts and had to rely on shipping and truck services more. This lead to certain fluctuations in pricing, but these varied greatly from country to country and company to company. According to Forbes, moving prices in America vary from whether it is a long-distance or a short-distance move.

If it is a long-distance move, moving prices can go from $2,200 up to $5,700. Along with that, there was a drop in cross-country moving percentage among Americans during the pandemic. But this can’t be explained only by the cost of moving. The lockdowns and political decisions were probably the main cause for this, along with fears for health and safety.

It should also be noted that additional services can add to the full price of relocating. This is why it is of utmost importance to contact your moving company and see how much the relocation would cost. Cross Country Moving Group offers the option of a free and non-obligatory moving estimate. So if you need auto transport Florida for example, you can easily check the affordability.

Reasons for moving across the country can vary greatly

While moving can be seen as an opportunity for a fresh new start, many people relocate because of better living conditions. Even though both causes can lead to beautiful, significant life changes, it is important to know that not every move has the same feeling to it. For example, sometimes people have to move because they can no longer support their family in the place they are living in.

The new location may bring them greater fulfillment and stability, but it is nevertheless not always easy to go through with that decision. This is why you should be wary of expecting too much. Instead, try and accept your path. It is unique and it is yours and you have the right to go through every emotion possible. The good news is: you are moving from California to Florida, expect to encounter positive feelings, as the sunny state brings out the best in every possible situation.

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Relying on a trusted moving company can help you greatly with the relocation process.

1. Better living conditions are among the top reasons why people move cross-country

The process of relocation never comes overnight – it is usually brought by estimating the pros and cons of living elsewhere. For instance, a better-paid job can be a good motivator for moving. Sometimes the same job pays differently in various states and countries. This becomes more pronounced in different stages of life. Such stages are usually after graduation, after being stuck in the same non-satisfactory working position for a longer period, and after the birth of your kids. If you are taking care of your household, a higher-paid job can make your family’s living experience a lot better.

Looking at the bigger picture

Among many reasons why people move cross-country, cheaper housing options and better neighborhoods come high on the list. Lower crime rates are also appealing and can be a deciding factor when it comes to moving to another country. Better traffic contributes greatly to good living conditions. Some cities have safer or cheaper ways of getting around and are therefore more popular. If you are wondering how to ship car from Florida to California, Cross Country Moving Group can help. Moving with your car seems difficult, but all it takes are a few simple steps.

2. A new beginning

Opening a new chapter in your life is a wonderful reason to move. It is also one of the most popular. According to some psychology studies, people like to move when they have a bigger need for change. It makes sense then why moving far away may be even more appealing. It can sometimes even be a way for you to make a clean slate, so to say. People report feeling refreshed, more optimistic after the move. Sometimes it can be a physical way of distancing yourself from your past. In certain cases, this can be very beneficial. However, it should be noted that any kind of moving shouldn’t be a replacement for dealing with more serious issues.

a woman smiling on the street
Finding a new outlook on life is one of the most frequent reasons why people move cross-country.

3. Having more opportunities

New opportunities bring more joy into everyday life. If you are moving to another country, chances are you are going to have so much more variety! This can be especially true if you are moving to a larger city than your previous one. Smaller-scale places can also bring more options, just in a different way. But, moving to a big city such as Miami can bring you a lot more change. Remember to look out for reputable cross country movers Miami when relocating to the city.

There are more activities, more places to visit, more people to meet! Diversity is also a big deciding factor when it comes to reasons why people move cross-country. For example, Florida goes for one of the more diverse states in the USA. This is probably one of many reasons why people decide to stay there. Also, different countries bring a greater sense of moving towards bigger opportunities. Even smaller changes such as being close to beaches at all times may make you feel like you are living your dream.

4. Would you like to meet new people?

This goes as one of the most beloved causes for moving abroad. Even though the countries may vary, people can be more similar to you than you may think. Sometimes different cultures bring exactly what we need into our lives. This can be true both for younger and older people alike. Although expats do report some levels of distress with their social networks in the initial phases, in the long run, moving can be seen as an opportunity for enhancing your social skills.

You can also find folks from your native country and connect with them if you feel better with that option. One thing is certain: you will be “forced” to form new connections and this brings inevitable change and variety. It is a good idea to find someone who already lives in your country of choice and connect with them. Already knowing somebody there can help tremendously with forming new connections afterward. It can also help with becoming familiar with your new hometown.

5. Becoming a better version of yourself

Let’s face it – sometimes we need to kickstart our transformation process. Moving can be a great opportunity to do this. You can achieve apply for new skills or even enroll in new study programs. Many cities in Florida have fantastic colleges and schooling programs in general. Also, some job markets offer more positions for your existing education levels. There are numerous ways that you can enhance your education or prospects in general. Remember that looking for a good college does take some time and effort along with research skills.

This is why you should begin your search as early as possible. Doing your preparations in advance may help you greatly in the long run. Along with that, you can also look forward to different job possibilities. Bigger cities with more diversity have a greater job variety as a rule.

a woman smiling and holding a diploma is one of reasons why people move cross-country
Getting a new level of education is an all-time favorite reason to move abroad.

6. Raising a family is one of the most valued reasons why people move cross-country

Among many stories that your grandparents used to tell you, there must have been at least one where somebody left the country because of love. This is true for contemporary romance as well. Many times couples have to decide where they are going to live. Long-distance couples are among the first to apply this logic. They either have to opt for a third choice or go for one of the partners’ locations. The good news is that this is one of the happiest reasons for moving. Not only are you making the next step in your relationship, but you are also getting to know another country as well!

It is always best to get to know our future location before you move. Perhaps you have already been there – this is the best possible option. In case you haven’t, you will always have a person next to you who knows the place and has been there for a while. If you are a young couple looking for good living options, suburbs are an all-time favorite in the USA. There is a higher probability of finding affordable housing there and the neighborhoods are much more suitable for raising a family.

7. Retiring or being near your loved ones

Many times people who have been living outside of their native countries need to return for retirement. Perhaps the struggles of everyday life became too much to handle on your own. Or perhaps the kids are now living their lives and you can finally have some time for yourself. On the other hand, you may be in the position to take care of someone else who is living abroad. Or you might just be lonely where you are living right now. All these reasons bring many emotions and the need for a deeper connection.

And sometimes that need can only be met abroad. When looking for retirement options, it is a good idea to do your online research first. For example, Florida state has a well-developed retirement system. It is always good to move someplace where you can meet most of your needs, so be careful to inform yourself as best as you can.

a senior couple in front of a colorful house thinking about the reasons why people move cross-country
Being near your loved ones or having better retirement options can both be very important reasons why people move cross-country.

Moving cross-country can be the turning point in your lifestyle or work

Even though moving to another country might seem scary at first, you should always keep in mind that it can be a new chapter in your life. Whatever reasons, why people move cross-country, may be, keep your priorities clear and you won’t regret whatever decision you make. Always remember to rely on a good, trustworthy moving company, and make sure to plan your move. Knowing your step-by-step plan can make all the difference. Along with that, try to do good, thorough research on the country you are moving to. It is best to know everything ahead of time, as it can save you from unpleasant surprises.