7 Reasons to move from California to Florida

Moving is easy if you know the right reasons. It is always a good idea to get to know your next location. In the case of relocating from a beautiful state such as California, it might seem hard to find a better living option. However, you will find that Florida has many advantages. If you have already decided to move to Florida, contact Cross Country Moving Group as they specialize in moving in the area. Read on to find not one, but seven good reasons to move from California to Florida.

There are many reasons to relocate from California to Florida

If you are moving from California to Florida consider yourself lucky. Not only are you moving from one great state to another, but you are also making a change that could positively affect your life. Moving is a process that gives way to various emotions, but moving to an amazing location may bring more positive feelings. Feeling good is certainly one of the reasons to move to Florida, but there are many more to come.

a man and a woman talking about the Reasons to move from California to Florida
Finding a good moving company that is familiar with the area can be of great assistance

1. Welcome to sunny Florida!

It’s no wonder that Florida is widely known as ” the sunshine state”. The weather here is amazing and the vicinity of many, many beaches always gives it a summer feeling. A tropical climate is common in many areas. Although it can get colder, in most cases it is warmer than in California. You might also count on a bit more humidity than you are used to. However, it is nothing compared to the beautiful sunny weather almost all year round. Expect it to give you many reasons to smile, as well as a great reason for moving to Florida state.

2. Florida state and its growing popularity

We know – both California and Florida are famous American states. But these past few years have shown Florida to be a very popular attraction both for tourists and for those who are looking to stay longer. If you are planning to move here, make sure to check out available storage units in Florida. This growing popularity probably has to do with more factors. One of them is most certainly its almost year-round availability for vacation, but the others have more to do with good living prospects and various attractions to visit. Having more people visiting also means that there are multiple events in most places in Florida. Festivals, art and culture, music concerts, and others seem to flourish in these sunny conditions. There is always something going on and the locals try hard to keep the area vibrant.

a woman laying on the beach and looking at the water
The beautiful beaches are one of the best reasons to move from California to Florida

3. Multiple options to choose from

Being in a place that is becoming more and more populated usually brings more of everything: different cultures, different backgrounds, various interests, and needs. This in turn can mean more opportunities. These include cultural, fun, recreational, job opportunities, and so on. If you are moving to the area, this may be very beneficial. Since this is a state that brings people from all around the world, you might fit in more easily than someplace else. You might get the opportunity to find friends that you really “click” with easily, for example. Or you could find an interest that suits you best and go for it. Don’t forget about fantastic college options in Florida, such as the famous Florida State University. Florida universities cover a wide range of majors including business, engineering, and social sciences. It is very easy to fit in here and create your life the way you would like to.

4. Affordability – one of the best reasons to relocate from California to Florida

The pricing in Florida is suitable for all kinds of income. This state is known to have a much lower cost of living index than California so you can expect an easier way to get those monthly savings going up. You can also find affordable apartments and houses both for rent and buying.  If you want a more upscale lifestyle, that is also possible, especially in more popular cities like Naples and Miami. This is one of the main reasons to move from California to Florida – it’s not just the affordability but also the lack of stress that usually comes with it.

5. Mother nature provides many reasons to move from California to Florida

Nature is incredibly wonderful in Florida state. You may discover this by hiring a tour guide or simply traveling by yourself. It has such a wide range of breathtaking sites that you will find it hard to choose from. You will be able to see everything from the wonderful St. Johns River to the Everglades National Park and beyond. Sightseeing and wildlife are abundant here so pack your backpacks and be prepared to enjoy life to its fullest!

a family of a father, mother and three children smiling on a grass field
Raising a family becomes easier with the right conditions

6. Good conditions for any kind of lifestyle (even retirement!)

It is much better to have options to choose from. Here in Florida, you may count on settling down, whatever your choice is. There are good conditions for raising kids, including good prices, affordable housing, future job prospects, and nature. If you plan on having a good time and living your best life as a single person, again there are many opportunities. Florida State offers many amazing cities to live in and there is a wide range of activities to choose from. There are also good conditions for retiring, so whatever your choice may be, it can be a good idea to settle down here. This option of having more calm and affordable lifestyles is one of the differences between California and Florida that brings many family-oriented folks here.

7. And finally, the abundance of fun and adventurous attractions

We all know this to be true: Florida state is home to a very large number of famous attractions. Most notable are varied theme parks known for their adventurous side. These include but are not limited to:

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Legoland
  • Universal Studios
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • SeaWorld and many more.

It is fascinating how all these theme parks can fit into one state, right? But such is Florida, where you can always get inspired. Make sure to invite good friends and have a great time together!

You will surely find even more reasons to move from California to Florida

Moving to Florida can be a beautiful experience. You will find more and more reasons to like it here in time. It is a state that leaves room for everybody. If you need more reasons to move from California to Florida, you can check this beautiful list of natural wonders in Florida and see for yourself. Whatever your reasons for moving, you are always welcome at Florida state.