6 Unique Self Storage Issues in Florida

There can be various different storage issues, depending on the type of storage or items you are storing. You can have unplanned problems, especially if you don’t store your belongings properly. Luckily, you will see here what are the most common self storage issues in Florida. To avoid any potential problems read the following article and contact Cross Country Moving Group Florida to get advice on how to prepare and pack your items for storage.

Most self storage issues in Florida happen due to the weather

Although the climate in Florida is excellent for living, it can be quite tricky when you need to keep certain items in long term storage. If you are moving to Florida from some northern state, you might not expect to have these issues with storage units. 6 most common problems with storage here are:

  • humidity
  • flooding
  • hurricanes
  • Heavy rain
  • Bulky summer equipment
  • Storing electrical devices

If you plan to use storage units in Florida for a short while, you can use a regular storage unit. However, if you need a long-term place for your belongings, you should rent a climate controlled storage. This is the best way to safely preserve your belongings.

storage door depicting Self Storage Issues in Florida
Florida is a specific place so you need to make sure that you find a perfect storage

A wet environment is a real problem when storing your belongings

Humidity is very high in Florida. So much so, that many homes don’t even have an attic or basement due to hot and humid weather. If you need to store some sensitive items or even furniture, there is a high risk that your belongings become moldy because of humidity. A humid environment is great for mold and mildew. It is best to rent a climate controlled unit because that type of storage has regulated humidity and temperature all the time. This is a safe way to store anything that is sensitive and valuable.

Flooding, heavy precipitation, and hurricanes are some of the biggest self storage issues in Florida

If you are moving to Florida, you should prepare yourself for tropical weather. This means that you can expect hurricanes, floods, and heavy rains. Of course, it doesn’t happen every day, but there is a good chance for this during the hurricane season. So, before you choose to store your belongings in your backyard or garage, you better make sure that you store items on higher grounds. Again, if you will keep them for a longer period, you should consider getting a storage unit.

Bad weather in Florida
Rain, flooding, and hurricanes are common things in Florida

How to store bulky items and electronics in storage units in Florida?

Some items are pretty resilient to humidity and even water damage, caused by flooding. Many people are already storing seasonal decorations, furniture, or appliances in storage units. Besides the usual items people store, you can also store summer sports equipment, especially large ones. Choose a storage type based on the items you need to store: small, large, self storage, climate control, etc. A large number of moving services Florida also offer storage units and packing services. If you are not sure what is the best way to store your belongings, you can always get professional help.