6 frequently asked questions about long-distance moving

Long-distance moving was never easy. As you may know, you must prepare well in advance, find long distance movers Florida, prepare an adequate budget, sort out legalities, and pack accordingly. It is a stressful, time-consuming, and tiresome process. And that is why people ask a lot of questions in order to create a much better moving plan. So, today we will try to provide as many answers as possible. We bring you 6 frequently asked questions about long-distance moving. We picked the most important ones. Once you have the answer to these questions, you will be able to assemble a proper moving guide and relocate like a professional. Let’s dive in!

How to organize efficiently is one of the frequently asked questions about long-distance moving

As soon as you realize you will move your entire household, you must create a relocation plan. It can take a while because you will create it in stages. The first stage is to inspect your entire home and note down all the furniture you possess. Make special notes about the robust pieces you possess in case there are some that are hard to handle. Then, move on to the other items in your home. Visit each room and note down random items and miscellaneous as much as possible. This is a tiresome but necessary process. It will tell you how many packing supplies you must purchase and how complex your relocation will be. Also, you will have a better insight into the number of fragile pieces you possess. Lastly, inspect the environment. You must check all rooms inside your home along with your loft, basement, garage, and backyard.

a person creating a plan
Create your moving plan carefully and you will never miss a thing.

The goal is to confirm your home is a safe place to work in. There are surely narrow corridors and staircases. Inspect those along with all your hallways and doors to make sure there are no safety hazards. Once you are done, provide the info to your Orlando long distance movers so they can finalize and make your relocation plan as safe as it can be. With the info you provided, their job will be much easier. Besides, they must know if they should bring any additional tools and if they must take any precautionary measures. The more details you provide, the safer your relocation will be. Do your best and create your moving checklist and your inventory list. Provide them to your movers and work together toward the safest resolution.

How to find a reliable and professional moving company is surely one of the frequently asked questions about long-distance moving

One of the frequently asked questions about long-distance moving and surely the most famous one is tied to the search for a moving company. Where to find a reliable moving crew? Or how to find legit movers? The answer is quite simple. You will find them on the internet but what is hard about the whole story is the research. You must research a bit and learn more about the moving industry if you want to find good long distance movers Miami. Obviously, you can’t hire the first company you find. But after an hour or two, you will know enough to find and hire one of the best in the area. Just make sure they have the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Safety standards and insurance.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Moving services you need.

All you must do is sit down, go online, compare prices, services, and read reviews. Implement your personal search criteria of course and soon enough you will find something. And never stop at one company. Make a list of several potential candidates and when you have enough, start calling them one by one. It is smart to call several companies and check what they offer before you make the final choice. Compare your findings and offers and finally hire the best one you have. But to make it a bit easier on you, we must recommend Cross Country Moving Group as the best place to solve all your moving-related problems. Give them a call and receive a relocation experience of a lifetime.

Ways to confirm the legitimacy of the moving company you hired.

Yes, believe it or not, one of the frequently asked questions about long-distance moving is regarding frauds and scammers. Actually, how to confirm the legitimacy of a moving company? But you must understand that the moving industry is like any other business and frauds are present there as well. Therefore, you must confirm your movers are licensed and legit before you let them into your home. And you can do this in many ways. Let us guide you through the complete process. Firstly, you will dig through their website and obtain all the info possible. Your long distance movers Delray Beach must have contact info and a physical address displayed on the website. Then, the next step is to give them a call and ask if they are licensed to conduct local and cross-state relocations. Depending on what you need of course.

a woman drinking coffee and using a laptop
Do your research online and confirm if your movers are legit.

Once you communicate and obtain all the answers you should visit Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to finalize the process. The moving company you are about the hire must be accredited and licensed on FMCSA. All legit moving companies are there. Also, for a more laid-back approach, you can join moving-related social media groups. Ask people about specific moving companies and you will obtain a ton of information in a matter of hours. Especially if your movers are frauds or simply provide bad service.

How to obtain a realistic moving price?

Many people try to calculate the moving price by themselves. It is almost impossible because you must include the working hours, weigh your cargo, the packing supplies, number of movers, the distance between locations, etc. You simply do not have all the information to reach the final number. Therefore, you must provide the basic info to your movers and they will do the math. And as you may know, you can do this via the phone or over the mover’s website. There you can input all the requirements such as the size of the vehicle, the number of laborers, if you need auto transport Florida service, etc. But to obtain the exact moving price, you should utilize onsite estimates. The service is free and it is the best way to obtain a moving quote.

two guys hauling cardboard boxes
Free onsite estimates are the best way to obtain a precise moving quote.

You will schedule a visit and your moving representative will evaluate everything on site. They will weigh your cargo, inspect all the furniture, and ensure the environment is safe to work in. They will also establish a loading dock and make sure the driveway is unobstructed while loading the moving truck. Lastly after they evaluate everything, you will be presented with the offer and with the list of services that can make your move easier, and more efficient. For example, if your movers realize you have a piano in your home, it is obvious you will need help from piano movers Florida. Unless you had other arrangements regarding such an item. But keep in mind that there are services that can help a lot so you should evaluate the mover’s offer. All in all, once you receive the quote, you can start working on the moving budget.

Where to obtain packing supplies?

At least the answer to this long-distance moving-related question is easy. You can purchase all necessary packing materials at your local hardware store, home depot, order online, or from your long distance movers Tampa. Your choice entirely. Choose whatever you are most comfortable with or whatever fits best into your moving budget. Although, you should be careful when you are time-limited. If you order your packing materials online, they might get delayed and you won’t be packed and ready on time. As for the local stores, they might be out of stock on specific materials. Then you must order again which can lead you to the same outcome. As for your movers, they are always ready with all materials for packing. So, to avoid any unpleasant situations, you should purchase your packing materials at least two weeks in advance no matter which option you choose.

movers with boxes
Movers can get you supplies for packing

But one thing is certain, all stores have cardboard boxes. And they have a lot of them. But what is else out there and what do you need to pack efficiently? Well, the basic set for any relocation is made of carton boxes, packing tape, labels, and plastic wrap. If you gather those materials you can pack safely and affordably. But you must know that the choice is vast and there are hundreds of different packing materials for all occasions. You have packing peanuts, Styrofoam, corner pads, dividers, customized boxes, plastic bins, boxes with hangers, and much more. Yes, some of them are more expensive than others but they are reusable as well. For example, plastic bins are amazing for relocation and then to be used in the home as a storage solution. Hence, check what is out there and order materials on time.

Another among frequently asked questions about long-distance moving is regarding the most efficient ways to pack the entire household

Packing is absolutely the hardest part of the whole relocation process. There is room behind each corner for a mistake and each household is a story of its own. And people always ask – What is the best way to pack for moving? There is no ultimate answer to this question. But there is a good enough answer that will lead you to a personalized moving plan. So, remember the packing materials we have covered earlier? Each cardboard box should have a cushiony base on the bottom. You can create one from the bubble wrap or use blankets, sheets, old clothing, etc. Then, place your items inside and add a buffer between them. Use crumpled paper or more blister packs. Pack fragile items separately to avoid damages.

a man thinking about frequently asked questions about long-distance moving
You have the packing plan but where to begin? Choose the easiest room and go for it!

Lastly, each box must have a label on it with a detailed description of the content inside. Or at least with the name of the room it belongs to. Tape each box down once it is full and you are good to go. Repeat this process for each box for each room. Also, you should try to declutter and downsize if you have enough time to do it. If you do it right, you will have more space in your moving vehicle, more space in your new home, cheaper relocation, and fewer items to relocate. All in all, an amazing solution. But if you can’t remove all that stuff but you still need space, rent one of the storage Florida units and keep your items there until you settle in. Check with your movers if they provide one and what your options are.

A tip of the day!

Ok, we covered what we have promised. But we have one extra tip for you. Another frequently asked question regarding long-distance relocation is aimed toward legalities and insurance. People either do not understand or lack the confidence to delve into this story. So, let us quickly cover both. As for moving insurance, you must ask your movers if they provide one. And if they do, you should ask what kind of coverage is in question. Most companies offer partial coverage which is not enough so if you do not like what you hear, purchase regular insurance from an external source. Insurance is important if you have expensive belongings, unique items, artwork, etc.

As for legalities, you should simply cover all your personal and moving-related documents on time. As you know, there is a moving contract and you must read it several times and understand what it holds. Your personal documents are your ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, etc. You must update them to be ready for use at your new place. Lastly, if you want to transfer your Wi-Fi or magazine subs, you should contact your providers at least two weeks in advance. One thing you must transfer and set up is your PO box to reroute your mail adequately. Everything else is up to you. All in all, you must sort all your legalities at least a month in advance because it can take some time to cover everything. Especially to transfer hard copies.

There we go, now you know more frequently asked questions about long-distance moving. Hopefully, we provided enough info so you can prepare better and organize a safe, affordable, and successful one. Good luck and stay safe!