5 places to see after moving to Orlando

Congratulations on your successful relocation to Orlando. This wonderful place will provide you with many opportunities that can significantly improve your life. But sometimes it can be really stressful to settle in. We thought about this and decided to tell you what are the top five places to see after moving to Orlando. That way you can ease up after the move, and just lose the tension. But let us give you one quick tip, you can avoid a lot of stress if you let professional Florida movers handle your move. Here are our top five picks.

Walt Disney World Parks is one of the places to see after moving to Orlando

One of the best attractions you can visit in Orlando after you’ve done moving is Walt Disney World Parks. If this is a very popular family attraction and people have been visiting it for many years. The most iconic part of this park is the magic kingdom with Cinderella’s Castle placed at the center. There are many other attractions you can see that will leave you in awe. Furthermore, you will be able to see many Disney characters like Belle, Mary Poppins, Mulan, and many other. But this is not all. There are many fireworks and parades during the night, followed by many other special events around the year. You have to be ready to wait in line because they can get really long.

Cinderella's castle as one of the places to see after moving to Orlando
One of the places to see after moving to Orlando is Walt Disney World Parks

If it can be really tiring to organize your relocation by yourself especially when it comes to long distance relocations. It can be hard and really complicated to pull it off. With all the preparation, packing, and other approaches, it is easy to get lost in all the things you need to do. To avoid any stressful situations, you should consider hiring Orlando long distance movers to help you relocate. Then you can rest easy and focus on all the things you can see in Orlando after you move in.

Visit Discovery Cove

It is placed next to SeaWorld Orlando, and it is one of the biggest attractions here. You will have an opportunity to interact with the ocean life, and perhaps go snorkeling around a coral reef. Exploring underwater places can be a really fun thing to do. There you will see a lot of sea life and enjoy the scenery to the fullest. But did you know that there is a large aviary here as well? That’s true! Here you can see a lot of different exotic birds, in addition to other water activities. This place is very popular, so make sure to book your all-inclusive day passes in advance.

parrets on the table
Here you can see many exotic birds

This is something you can do after the move is done. It is the best way to relax after a long drive, so you won’t have to deal with a lot of stress. Furthermore, if long distance movers Florida are handling your move, then you are going to have an easy time. It is for the best if you can move with the help of professionals.

Typhoon Lagoon is awesome

This is one of the biggest and most popular water parks owned by Disney in Orlando. There are many attractions for people of all ages. Kids rides, swimming, splashing, and other thi9ngs you can do with your family. Also, if you are a surfer, you will love a huge wave pool that is built here. Sign up for surfing lessons here and enjoy the waves. There is also a lazy river, Miss Adventure Falls, and Humunga Kowabunga. They are very exciting and will surely get your adrenalin up. This is what makes Orlando so great to live in. Not to mention that it is one of the reasons to move to Florida. We are certain that you will find your new home here with ease.

Go to Volcano Bay

The next Water Themed park you need to visit is the Universal’s attraction called Volcano Bay. It is an attraction that replaced the Wet ‘n’ Wild ride from before. With all the play and stay sports you can choose from, there is literally a lot of different activities for anyone who decides to move here. Do you know what sits at the center of this park? Krakatau! But don’t be afraid, it won’t erupt. There is also an Aqua Coaster thrill ride, where you can go for something exciting. And if you want to relax, visit Waturi Beach. Equipped with lounge chairs, and others, you can have a nice and relaxing day here.

Relaxation is the key to having a good and stressless settling-in process. Stress can cause you a lot of problems that you might not be ready to deal with at the moment. That is why you can learn how to properly control stress, so you can avoid any serious issues that might happen. It is a good thing to know because it can help you in any future stressful situations.

Have a day trip to Kennedy Space Center

Are you interested in space and science? Then you can go to Kennedy Space Center that is only an hour’s drive away. Here you will have one of the best day trips you might be able to get. Why not go and see one of the most famous NASA operation centers. Don’t forget to visit Heroes and Legends exhibits. There you will learn more about the people who made the dream about the space program a reality. From engineers all the way to astronauts. We are certain that this will be a lifetime experience.

woman astronaut
You can visit the NASA museum here

You will find many more great places to see after moving to Orlando

Well, now you know what are the top 5 places to see after moving to Orlando. We are sure you can enjoy them as much as we did. Furthermore, you will have an awesome time here in Orlando. And we would like to suggest you visit our blog and read more interesting Florida guides that can help you with your move.